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CBT Technology Support

Who do I contact for assistance?

University Technology (uTech) Support Center

The vast majority of requests should be submitted by contacting the University Technology (uTech) Support Center.

Service Request via SysAid

sysaid logo
  1. Log in to SysAid at
  2. Click Request Service or Support
  3. Choose the appropriate category, sub-category, and third level category. Options in the sub-category and third level category are based upon your selections in the category and subcategory respectively.
  4. Enter a short and descriptive title for the service request. (Ex: “Popups in Firefox”, “Cannot play YouTube Videos in Google Chrome”, “Internet Explorer crashes”.)
  5. Enter a description of the problem with as much detail as possible. Accurate information often leads to the quickest resolution possible. Please include the WIU asset tag number of the computer or piece of equipment you are having problems with. LCD Monitors often have their own tag numbers – please get the tag number from the computer, not any connected peripherals (monitors, ELMO, graphics pad, etc.) unless the problem is with the peripheral. If the problem is with the peripheral, please include the tag numbers of both the computer and peripheral.
  6. Upon submission, a Service Request number will appear in the SysAid window. uTech Support will also send a confirmation email to your WIU email.
  7. Once the issue has been resolved, uTech Support will send an additional email closing out the service request.
Why do we call uTech?
  1. Accountability and recording are vitally important in technical support. All calls to the Support Center are entered in to SysAid as a Service Request (SR) and then assigned to a group or technician. The user entering the request will receive an automated email when the SR is created, notes are entered in the SR, and when the SR is closed by the technician. The system also allows for communication between the users and technicians, all of which are saved in the SR.
  2. You, and the entire college, will get the fastest response and resolution to your request by calling the uTech Support Center. The Instructional Technology Systems Manager (ITSM) could be working on any number of other requests when you call. Contacting the Support Center or entering a SR through the End-User Portal within SysAid for non-classroom support requests minimizes the interruptions to the ITSM, allowing for the quickest possible service to all users.
  3. The Support Center is open and always staffed during regular business hours and open until 11:00 pm Monday through Thursday during the fall and spring semesters. The technicians working in the Support Center specialize in getting the correct information in to the SR and resolving many issues over the phone or with Remote Support. Requests they are not able to resolve during the phone call will be left open and assigned to the appropriate technician either in the college or within University Technology.

CBT Supported Classrooms

CBT supported classrooms will have a placard (shown below) attached to the instructor station. Urgent technical issues encountered in these rooms can be reported directly to Chad Hankins. If there is no answer and you need immediate assistance, please contact the uTech Support Center.

Chad Hankins
Chad Hankins, CBT Instructional Technology Systems Manager
  • Phone: (309) 298-1219
  • Email:
  • Office: Stipes Hall 308
this classroom is supported by the college of business and technology. if you are having a technical problem in this room, please contact cbt tech manager at 298-1219. if there is no answer, please call the utech support center at 298-TECH

CBT Technology Support