College of Business & Technology

Our Mission

The College of Business and Technology strives for quality and continuous improvement in all of its endeavors, and its actions and expectations are based on the fundamental values of Western Illinois University: academic excellence, educational opportunity, social responsibility, and personal growth. In an environment characterized by growing global economic forces, differences in organizational and cultural values, cultural diversity and changing technology, the CBT actively prepares students to make meaningful contributions to their professions and the larger society in which they work and live.

The College operates under a central vision to be a recognized center of excellence in teaching, research, and service and a global learning community for sharing ideas, values and solutions. The CBT strives to be the college of choice for all those seeking to participate in a quality educational experience. In keeping with this vision, the College focuses on the following mission:

The College of Business & Technology prepares students for professional careers and life-long learning in a globalized economy. We provide an innovative and applied education in business and technology that fosters the highest level of academic standards, integrity and ethics among our constituents.

The College accomplishes its mission through the three traditional areas of intellectual enrichment that are central to the CBT’s vision and mission: 1) teaching, 2) research, and 3) service.


The faculty strive to provide a quality educational experience within a comprehensive learning environment and develop students with:

  • Intellectual curiosity and commitment to lifelong learning fostered by a strong college curriculum.
  • A well-developed sense of justice, citizenship, and social responsibility.
  • An understanding of global issues and an appreciation for diversity.
  • Leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal skills.
  • The ability to recognize, analyze, and solve conceptual and practical problems/issues.
  • Superior written, oral, and listening skills.
  • The ability to embrace technological advances important to their careers and lives.
  • A working knowledge of the traditional business subjects.
  • A primary focus on undergraduate education and a secondary emphasis on high demand, specialized graduate degree programs.


The College encourages participation in intellectual activities that enable all faculty to maintain their professional competencies, contribute new ideas to their respective disciplines, and increase their effectiveness in the classroom. To accomplish this goal, CBT faculty:

  • Continue to engage in applied, basic, and pedagogical research. Consistent with our mission, emphasis is on applied and pedagogical research.
  • Increase integration of research findings into course content.
  • Expand involvement in instructional development through traditional and innovative techniques including new and revised curricula, projects, and cases.
  • Enhance cooperation and communication among faculty, students, and external agencies to foster the free exchange of ideas.


To develop our knowledge base, skills, and expertise for the betterment of society, College of Business and Technology faculty and administration:

  • Continue to develop and maintain relationships with business and industry. Expand continuing education, professional development, and training programs. Maintain involvement in professional organizations through active membership and positions of leadership. Actively participate in the University community.