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Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment insurance is a state-operated program under which employees are entitled to benefit payments while unemployed if the employee meets the legal requirements for such payments as defined by the Division of Unemployment Insurance. Benefits are financed solely by employers' payroll taxes.

All employees are eligible for consideration of unemployment compensation; additional information is available through Human Resources and the State of Illinois Department of Employment Security.

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University Union Facilities

The Union is a common space on campus to connect the campus community and for students, staff and the community to enjoy. The Union provides food, fun, relaxation, meeting space and much more. Located between the North and south campuses, the Union services available include a food court and convenience store, meeting and banquet rooms, bookstore, guest rooms check cashing and cashier services and ATM machines. Wireless internet is available in all areas of the Union.

The staff of the University Union is dedicated to providing services, conveniences, amenities and a common meeting space for the University community. These services and conveniences are desired and needed by the University community in their life on campus and for getting to know and understand one another through informal associations outside the classroom.

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(BOT II.C.7.b.)

Civil Service full-time status employees who are hourly paid receive vacation benefits following the schedule below. Benefits begin accruing the first day of employment, but use of vacation is subject to supervisory approval.

Years of Service Rate Earned/Hr. of Pay Status Working Days Per Year
0-2 .0462 12
3-5 .0577 15
6-8 .0692 18
9-13 .0808 21
14+ .0962 25

All Civil Service full-time status employees who are exempt from overtime benefits receive vacation benefits according to the following schedule:

Years of Service Working Days Per Year
0-2 25
3-5 26
6-8 27
9+ 28

Employees in status certified positions of 50-99 percent appointments accrue partial benefits. Those in less than half-time status appointments accrue no vacation benefits.

Employees in non-status, i.e. extra-help, appointments accrue no vacation benefits.

Vacation time is accrued as long as the employee is in pay status. If a holiday is observed during an employee's vacation, the employee will be paid for the holiday and no deductions will be made from the vacation accrual for that day. For hourly paid employees, the amount of vacation accrued is reported each pay period on the time card. For semi-monthly paid employees, the amount of vacation accrued is reported to the department monthly and posted.

An employee may accumulate an equivalent of two years of vacation benefits before accrual ceases. Then, until the accumulation is reduced below the two-year maximum, no further vacation benefits accrue (i.e., 3 year hourly paid employee's maximum = 24 days; 3 year monthly paid employee's maximum = 50 days).

Credit toward earning vacation benefits at a higher rate is given for past employment with many of the state institutions and agencies. Employment must have been considered certified and permanent before credit can be given. All such qualifying time will be added together to determine the appropriate vacation accrual rate. Previous service must be reported to and approved by Human Resources to be considered for higher rate accrual.

To manage its leave liability, Western Illinois University may pay a part of all of an employee's vacation leave balance that exceeds the maximum vacation leave allowed at the time that the employee moves from a Civil Service to an Administrative position. The vacation leave payout is based on the employee's regular hourly rate of the Civil Service position.

Employees will be compensated for accrued vacation upon separation from the University. Vacation time will be paid at their current rate of compensation and will be remitted in the next available payroll following separation. 

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Veterans Preference Points

(SUCSS 250.40)

To be eligible for the preference of three (3), five (5) or ten (10) points to be added to the passing score of an original entry examination, United States military services (or a reserve component) veterans must present the original or a legible photocopy of each discharge or release (Form DD214, Member 4). An applicant for an original entry examination must furnish proof of eligibility for preference within ten days after filing an application for examination. Human Resources reserves the right to determine eligibility for these points based on time of service and type of discharge (Public Act 87-796).

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Work Schedules

(BOT II.C.3.)

Work schedules are determined by departments on the basis of operating needs and are designed to provide effective and efficient service. Normally, full-time staff members are regularly scheduled for 37.5 hours of work each week. In most units this consists of five 7 1/2 hour days beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending at 4:30 p.m. In departments maintaining 24-hour operations, a 40-hour workweek is the standard. Information about work schedules, including lunch periods and breaks, should be obtained from the supervisor.

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Workers' Compensation

An employee who is injured arising out of and in the course of employment may be eligible for Workers' Compensation benefits in accordance with the provisions of the Illinois Workers' Compensation and Occupational Diseases Acts.

An employee suffering an accidental injury or exposure on the job, should immediately seek medical care if necessary and notify their supervisor and Human Resources, Sherman Hall 105, 298-1971. It is the responsibility of the injured employee to notify their supervisor and to follow up with the appropriate paperwork.

Worker's Compensation forms are available on the WIU HR website, or by calling HR at 309-298-1971. Employees are also required to call Tristar (an Early Intervention Program though the State of Illinois for Workers' Compensation) at 855-495-1554. This number is required to be called, they will assign a case file number to the Workers' Compensation claim and record the basic information for the injury/accident. A Case Manager will follow-up with the employee to find out the course of treatment for the injury/accident. If this number is not called, no paperwork will be processed for a Worker's Compensation claim.

To avoid unnecessary problems with claims for Temporary Total Disability benefits through Workers' Compensation, the subsequent procedures should be followed:

  1. Notify Human Resources whenever an employee is absent from work for any period of time due to a work related illness or injury.
  2. Before an employee returns to work, an appropriate work status release form completed by the physician must be received by Human Resources and the appropriate supervisor.
  3. An injured employee is responsible for completion of the appropriate paperwork.

For questions regarding Workers' Compensation, contact Human Resources 309/298-1971.

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