Human Resources

Appendix V - Security of Information

Data and information are valuable University assets and every employee, student, and associate will employ all reasonable means to assure the accuracy, integrity, and timeliness of these data as well as cooperating in security and privacy matters.

  1. Access may be provided upon request on a need to know basis subject to appropriate regulations and oversight.
  2. Persons requesting access will disclose fully the nature of the intended use of the data and the purposes of their request.
  3. Persons granted access will use these data for the requested purposes only and will not use it for non-business purpose including but not limited to personal gain, invasion of privacy, doing favors for others, etc.
  4. Besides such personal commitments, persons granted access will learn and observe required security procedures and products when requested to do so.
  5. All users are responsible for their "passwords" including choosing them wisely, keeping them secure, changing them frequently on a random basis. Users will not "lend" their passwords.
  6. Persons responsible for data, files, data bases, etc. will in addition to the above, maintain security of premises where data resides, provide for routine periodic back-up, and rotate back-ups into a secure area different from the prime area.
  7. Everyone will obey all applicable federal, State, and local statutes and regulations in this regard and will honor contractual and licensing obligations.

June 21, 1996
Donald S. Spencer, President

Civil Service Handbook


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