Human Resources

Appendix A - Policy on Acquiring Computing Devices

GENERAL - The user is responsible for all expenses up to the cluster controller or the server/hub.

MICROS - If stand alone or if to be networked only for instructional use, the approval of Academic Computing, if the cost is over $1,000, is required.

If the device is to be used for access to the Administrative mainframe or central administrative data bases, the approval of Administrative Computing is also required.

TERMINALS AND NETWORKED PRINTERS - If for attachment to micros or LANs, the approval of Academic Computing is required. Typically, these are ASCII terminals and the printers have RS 232C Serial or Centronics Parallel interfaces.

If for attachment to a cluster controller which attaches to the administrative mainframe, the approval of Administrative Computing is required. Typically, the CRTs are EBCDIC and often called 3270 type devices. Printers usually have co ax interfaces and 32xx printer emulations.

LANs AND THE CAMPUS NETWORK - Before setting up a LAN or planning changes affecting the campus network, consult with Academic Computing.

Academic Computing: (309) 298-1177
Administrative Computing: (309) 2981-1944