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Appendix R - Legal Procedures

In the event that an employee receives notice of legal action, procedures have been established to provide assistance to the employee being served and to ensure that appropriate legal and institutional support is available.

Employee* Legal Matters

Upon notice of legal action against or involving employees, the following procedures are to occur immediately:

  • The employee informs the Vice President for Administrative Services via a telephone call. Copies of lawsuits are forwarded to the office of the Vice President of Administrative Services.
  • Notice of lawsuit will be shared with employee's appropriate vice president who will be responsible for notifying individuals within their chain of command.

Upon receipt of notification, the Vice President for Administrative Services will contact legal counsel. Depending upon the context of the suit, additional appropriate notifications will occur. Risk Management, in conjunction with the Office of the Vice President for Administrative Services, will coordinate activities associated with appropriate legal entities and the employee(s) named in the lawsuit. Employees will be kept informed of the status of the suit and will be communicated with as appropriate.

*If employee is represented by a collective bargaining unit, the employee also has the responsibility of notifying that group.

Any questions regarding these procedures should be directed to the Vice President of Administrative Services (309-298-1800).

April 1997
Jackie Thompson, Acting Vice President
Administrative Services

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