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Campus Connection

The University Relations Office publishes the employee newsletter, Campus Connection, approximately 35 times per year. Campus Connection provides information on events, news, policies, and other information that impacts the campus community. Employees are encouraged to submit informational materials for consideration by contacting University Relations/News Services, Sherman Hall 302 (298-1993).

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Civil Service Award Fund

The Western Illinois University Civil Service Award Fund was established in July 1981 to provide financial assistance to dependents of Civil Service employees enrolled at the University. Initial funding for the first two scholarships was provided by the WIU Foundation. Subsequently, the Civil Service Award Fund Committee has fully supported and successfully expanded the program through investing the proceeds of its annual fund drive. Employee contributions can be made through payroll deduction or as a one-time donation.

The composition of the Civil Service Award Fund Committee, which monitors the fund, is as follows:

  1. Two Civil Service representatives from those departments supervised by the Vice President for Academic Affairs
  2. Two Civil Service representatives from those departments supervised by the Vice President for Administrative Services
  3. Two Civil Service representatives from those departments supervised by the Vice President for Advancement and Public Services
  4. Two Civil Service representatives from those departments supervised by the Vice President for Student Services
  5. Civil Service Co-chairpersons of the Annual Fund-Raising Drive (appointed annually by the Fund Committee), ex-officio
  6. Director of Human Resources or designee, ex-officio
  7. President of Civil Service Employees Council, ex-officio
  8. Employee Advisory Committee Member, ex-officio

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Civil Service Award Selection Committee

Selection for scholarships is be made by the Civil Service Award Selection Committee.

  1. One representative from CSEC Group I (Administrative and Professional)
  2. One representative from CSEC Group II (Clerical)
  3. One representative from CSEC Group III (Service and Technical)
  4. One representative from CSEC Group IV (Union and Prevailing Rate)
  5. One representative from CSEC Group V (Secretarial)
  6. Director of Human Resources or designee, ex-officio

The representatives from each of the groups are appointed by the Civil Service Employees Council. No Civil Service representative shall serve on the Selection Committee when a first-degree relative has applied for the scholarship.

The selection decision made is final and binding.

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Civil Service Bulletin Boards

Each building has a designated bulletin board for posting notices of interest to Civil Service employees. Anyone wishing to have material(s) posted should contact the appropriate building representative(s).

A list of designated building representatives is published in the WIU telephone directory and periodically in Campus Connection.

In addition to designated building bulletin boards, electronic mail provides a Civil Service and a Benefits bulletin board monitored by Human Resources (298-1971).

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(SUCSS 250.30)

Every Civil Service position is classified according to the scope of its duties and responsibilities. Each job title corresponds to a classification specification established by the State Universities Civil Service System which describes its characteristic functions and requisite qualifications. A complete volume of all classification specifications is maintained in each Human Resources Department within the System and provides the basis for an ongoing, consistent classification program. If you or your supervisor feel your position is incorrectly classified, you may request an audit by contacting Human Resources (298-1971). (See Audit Procedure)

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Clerical Services Policy

The Clerical Services Policy provides informational guidelines for the assignment of appropriate keyboarding and other clerical tasks based on University defined priorities. See Appendix C for the policy and sample departmental guidelines which may assist employees and supervisors in designating specific priorities for assignments. Modifications of the policy may be referred to the Director of Human Resources.

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The following University committees have representatives from the Civil Service Employees Council. The numbers in parentheses represent the number of CSEC members serving on each committee.

  • University Budget Council (1)
  • Council on Affirmative Action (1)
  • Council on Attraction and Retention of Students (1)
  • Committee on Health and Safety (1)
  • Traffic and Parking Committee (2)
  • Benefits Committee (2)
  • Employees Advisory Committee to State (1)
  • Universities Retirement System Board (1)

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Copying, Printing, and Copiers

For more information about copying, printing, and related services, policies, and procedures as well as for information about the University Copier Program (UCP), see the University Printing & Mailing Center (UPMC) website.

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Credit Union

Western Illinois Credit Union (WICU) is a not-for-profit financial cooperative located at 322 W. University Drive, Macomb, IL 61455. WICU was incorporated in 1959 to encourage thrift with its members. All employees (past or present) of Western Illinois University are eligible to join the Credit Union with a minimum deposit of $5.00. WICU has expanded its membership to encompass the entire community. If you live, work, or attend school in McDonough (or surrounding) County, you can also become a member. All members have a vote and the Board of Directors are all volunteer. The many services include: Savings & Free Checking Accounts, free online access, low rate vehicle loans, signature loans, and many more services. Stop by the office to become a member and enjoy all the benefits of belonging to a credit union. Lobby hours are Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and Friday until 5:00 p.m. Drive up hours are Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (closed holidays). Call 309-298-2386 for more information.

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