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Academic Spotlight

Meteorology: The science of weather

  • The only program in Illinois with Doppler weather radar
  • Create forecasts for local radio stations, deliver the weather segment on the campus TV station, and intern at regional weather offices and local television stations
  • State-of-the-art meteorological data analysis, including a weather station, a Linux laboratory, and a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) laboratory
  • Receive one-on-one attention from faculty members while meeting the curricular requirements for the National Weather Services (NWS) for employment as a meteorologist

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Center for Performing Arts Construction Underway

The Center for Performing Arts will cement the foundation of excellence that is performing arts at Western Illinois University. When the center is complete, WIU will be THE destination for arts and culture in our region and beyond.

—Billy Clow, Dean, College of Fine Arts and Communication

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Do art and music make us smarter humans? WIU Professor Discovers Answers in Our Genes

Are music and the arts key to smarter, more efficient human minds? Our research finds supporting evidence in traditional indigenous knowledge systems and in some of our earliest, uniquely-human genes.

— Andrea Alveshere, Associate Professor, Anthropology and Chemistry

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Creating a World of Innovation: WIU Physics Chair Part of National Quantum Information Science Teaching Team

Our goal is to not only introduce the students to the magical world of quantum, but also to get them excited about it and its future promise for the development of ultra-powerful quantum computers and other quantum technologies.

— Kishor T. Kapale, Chair, Department of Physics

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