University Technology

Microsoft Update Process

Microsoft patches will typically be released to campus workstations on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, with a deadline to install said updates by the following Friday at 4:20pm. If patches have not been installed prior to the deadline, they will become mandatory. Installation will occur and a reboot will be scheduled (if necessary).

If you have any specific questions or feedback please contact the uTech Support Center at (309) 298-8324 (298-TECH) (or email

Installation Popup

This popup will appear when Microsoft updates are ready to be installed:
screenshot of a popup indicating that updates need to be installed

When clicked, this box will appear:
screenshot of a popup that says that software changes must be applied, with a time limit

The View details link will display detailed information about each of the updates. These updates must be installed prior to the time and date listed at the top, otherwise they will be automatically installed and a reboot will be scheduled (if needed).

Installation Options

  • “Apply all required changes now (recommended) “
    The installation will occur in the background and provide a prompt for a reboot when completed.
  • “Apply all required changes outside my business hours” (optional checkbox for “Restart my computer automatically if needed”)
    The installation and optional reboot will be scheduled outside of business hours. By default, business hours are from 5:00AM through 10:00PM on Monday through Friday. If your business hours extend beyond this, please click on “View my configured business hours” and make any modifications.
  • “Remind me later”
    This will delay any action. Keep in mind that updates will be automatically installed and a reboot will be scheduled (if needed) once the deadline is reached.

During and After Installation

These icons may appear in the system stay during the patching process:

  • Downloading and Installing Software
  • Recently installed software requires a computer restart
If a restart is required, these popup can be expected:

screenshot of popup that says a restart is required

screenshot of window that says when a restart is required by

Once the deadline is reached, these popups can be expected:

screenshot of a popul that states a restart is required in X minutes

screenshot that states a restart is about to occur

screenshot of popup that says you are going to be logged off