University Technology

Information for Faculty Reserving a uTech Computer Lab

What Computer Labs are Available for Classroom Use?

University Technology (uTech) is responsible for scheduling the following labs:

  • Morgan 124 (after 5pm only)
  • Horrabin 72
  • Horrabin 77
  • Memorial 046 (after 5pm only)
  • Stipes 307 (only for SOAR & NSR functions)

These labs may be scheduled for individual class sessions on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, student-computing fees fund these labs, and University Technology will see that reservations do not conflict with the average traffic flow of each lab. uTech may deny reservations if reservation privileges exceed their recommended limits (i.e., majority of lab’s operational hours are used for classroom reservations).

Additional uTech classroom labs are:

  • Stipes 331 - 40 virtual Windows PCs and a teaching station.
  • Morgan 102 - 24 Windows PCs and a teaching station.

These rooms have the uTech base-image software installed and can be reserved by contacting the Registrar's Office at 309-298-1891. Guidelines for additional software installation can be found here.

University Technology refers faculty in the following departments to their own labs:

How to Make a Reservation

Reservations of an entire lab (6 or more sessions) must be made prior to the beginning of the semester. All uTech lab reservations, including final exam week, are made with the uTech Lab Manager via Support Center ticket.

  1. Request approval.
  2. Once your reservation has been approved and scheduled, an email with confirmation of the location, date, time, and any special arrangements made will be sent to you.
    •  If you do not receive this information, please contact the Support Center with your ticket number and request an update.
  3. If you need to reserve individual workstations within a lab, contact the Lab Manager directly.

What uTech Needs to Know

  1. Instructor name
  2. Course (e.g. SOC310)
  3. OS type (Windows or Mac)
  4. Number of students in the class
  5. Non-standard software? (Note: Specialized software installation requests must be made one semester in advance) - see additional information
  6. What specific dates and times are requested?
  7. Will you share the lab with another class or lab users during “open lab” hours?
  8. Room preference?
  9. Do you need assistance in running the computers?
  10. Will you use the printer(s)?

The following is a breakdown of each lab, with specific instructions for reservation, and hardware specifics. For software availability, please go to If assistive software is required, please include that information in your lab reservation request!

Horrabin Hall

This building has two lab locations available for reservation, HH72 and HH77. After six weeks into the semester, this location cannot be double scheduled. In other words, if there is an 8am-10am class in HH72, HH77 cannot be scheduled during that time frame.

Room requests other than HH72 and HH77 are directed to the COEHS Dean’s Office.


  • HH77 (8) Win 7 Dell PCs & 8 OS 10.12 iMacs, (1) Book scan station, (1) HP M806X printer w/print release station
  • HH72 (25) iMacs with Windows 7 OS, access to HP M806X printer
Knoblauch Hall

KH107 is a Computer Resource Center. This lab may not be reserved for a semester, but may be reserved intermittently. Contact the uTech Support Center with a lab reservation request.


  • KH107 (19) Win 7 Dell PCs, (3) OS 10.12 iMacs, (1) Scanner, (1) HP 9050dn Printer with print release station.
Memorial Hall

MH046 may be reserved after 5pm weekdays and anytime on weekends. Contact the uTech Support Center with a lab reservation request.


  • (17) Win 7 Dell Virtual PCs, (6) OSX 10.12 iMacs, (1) Scanner, (1) HP 9050dn Printer, print release station, 42" LCD display
Morgan Hall

MG124 may be reserved after 5pm weekdays and anytime on weekends. Contact the uTech Support Center with a lab reservation request.


  • MG124 (27) Win 7 Dell Virtual PCs, (28) 21.5” OS 10.12 iMacs, (2) Scanners, (1) HP 9050dn printer, with print release station
Stipes Hall

ST 307 can only be reserved for Student Orientation & Registration, New Student Registration, Math Placement, and Academic Advising sessions. Only under very strict circumstances can this lab be reserved otherwise.


  • (58) Win 7 Dell PCs, (2) Scanners, (12) OSX 10.12 iMacs, Book Scan Station, (2) HP M806X printers with print release stations

The following are the procedures for reserving a computer lab after standard business hours:

uTech will request key access from Office of Public Safety. The instructor will need to go to OPS prior to class and produce a photo ID. The key must be returned to OPS at the end of the class period unless otherwise arranged.

Staffing should be provided and funded by the requesting department. The instructor or other departmental employee must remain with the class during the entire reservation.

When the class is over, please shut down the computers, and printer(s) appropriately, turn off the lights, and close the door securely. Most doors are self-locking, however, the door must latch securely. Please test the door to be sure it is securely closed.

If questions or technical problems arise during class, please contact the uTech Support Center at (309) 298-8324 (298-TECH). Should the Support Center be closed, alternative phone numbers will be provided by uTech and are for emergency use only.


Faculty/Staff Requests for Software Installations in uTech Labs

To Request Computer Lab Use:

  • WIU Macomb Campus - Contact uTech Support Center at (309) 298-8324 (298-TECH)
  • WIU Quad Cities Campus, Contact QC User Support at (309) 762-9481, Ext. 62294


All reservations are tied to a Support Center ticket with a unique number.

Once a reservation has been finalized, it is entered into the appropriate calendar. Calendars are sent to each room, each week, for posting.

If uTech labs are not available or do not offer what is required for teaching, contacting one of the departments, or colleges referenced is recommended.

The Malpass Library may also have some availability – go to

Questions? Contact the uTech Lab Manager at (309) 298-2847.