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Shots Fired: Campus and Office

Shots Fired on Campus Shots Fired in the Office

These “Shots Fired…” instructional videos (login required) provide students, employees, and/or other associates with critical guidance on how to recognize and survive an active shooter situation. This is a training program designed to instill a survival mindset and teaches members of our campus community realistic strategies for dealing with an active shooter situation on campus. Either version may be viewed by any member of our campus community. The guidance provided is in both videos is the same. Only the setting (e.g. office vs. classroom) is different.

To Hell and Back: College Fire Survival

College Fire Survival Screenshot

To Hell and Back: College Fire Survival is a video-based training tool developed by a team of subject matter experts from across the nation to educate college students about fire safety. This is a training video that will educate the viewer to be a more fire conscious campus community member.

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