Faculty Senate

Writing in the Disciplines.What is Writing Instruction in the Disciplines (WID)?

After students have completed their composition sequence in the English Department and their writing intensive General Education courses, they must complete the third academic portion of WIU’s writing program, a Writing Instruction in the Disciplines course sequence for their major. WID courses are designed to help students learn both the forms and values for the writing needed to be effective professionals in their field.

The WID program at WIU has a standing Faculty Senate Committee to oversee the program.  The Committee recommends approval of new WID courses or modifications of existing courses.  The Committee conducts ongoing reviews of how WID is being implemented in the different majors and holds faculty development workshops for WID instructors.

WID Committee

  • Chair: Bradley Dilger
  • Recording Secretary: Debra Miretzky

Members Names, Departments, & Years service ends

  • Courtney Blankenship (Music) '15
  • Bradley Dilger (English & Journalism) '16
  • Marisol Garrido (Foreign Languages & Literatures) '15
  • Joel Gruver (Agriculture) '14
  • Michael Lukkarinen (RPTA) '14
  • Nathan Miczo (Communication) '16
  • Debra Miretzky (Educational & Interdisciplinary Studies) '15 
  • Shane Sanders (Economics & Decision Sciences) '16
  • Elizabeth Geib (Student member) '14

Ex Officio:

  • Magdelyn Helwig (English/Journalism)
  • Neil P. Baird (English/Journalism)


 Wednesdays 3:00p.m. in Horrabin Hall 60, Connected to QC Riverfront Room 226

  • January 22
  • February 26
  • March 26
  • April 9
  • April 23