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Dr. Tracy Knight

Tracy Knight, Ph.D., LP

Tracy Knight, Ph.D., LP

Professor, Emeritus
100 Waggoner Hall
Work: 309/298-1593
Fax: 309/298-2179

Additional Information

Additional Information


Dr. Knight earned a B.S. in Psychology (1976) from Western Illinois University; a M.S. in Psychology (Clinical/Community Mental Health; 1978) from Western Illinois University; and Ph.D. in Psychology (with an emphasis in Clinical Psychology; 1991) from Fielding Institute. Dr. Knight’s dissertation was entitled: “Client Role Preferences, Complementarity and Attraction in the Initial Psychotherapy Session.” Dr. Knight is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Illinois.

Teaching Areas:

Dr. Knight teaches PSY 570 Systems of Psychotherapy; PSY 577 Pre-practicum; PSY 587 Practicum: Basic Interviewing Skills; PSY 588 Interpersonal Processes in Therapy; PSY 602 Professional Experience; PSY 604 Internship in Clinical/Community Mental Health; PSY 575 Diversity Issues and Psychological Services; PSY 600 Psychopharmacology for Community Mental Health. Dr. Knight also spends a significant portion of his time as director of the Psychology Clinic, delivering direct therapy services and supervising graduate students’ clinical work.

Research Interests:

Dr. Knight’s primary research interest is in qualitative research of clinical issues. Within that area, Dr. Knight focuses on clients’ theories of change, intern clinical development, and effects of the diagnostic process.

Recent Scholarly Activities:

Knight, T. A., Richert, A. J., Gilbert, B. & Brownfield, C. R. (March 5, 2014). Clinical growth events: A qualitative study of interns’ reflective logs. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Council of Applied Masters Programs in Psychology (CAMPP), Nashville, TN.

Knight, T. A. (2013). Psychiatric diagnosis as cradle and cage. Journal of Psychological Practice, 18, 1-21.

Knight, T. A., Richert, A. J. & Brownfield, C. (2012). Conceiving change: Lay descriptions of the human change process. Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, 22, 229-254.

Knight, T. A. & Suttles, K. S. (2011). Interns’ self-perceived growth: A qualitative study of reflective logs. Journal of Psychological Practice, 16, 26-46.

Knight, T. A. (November 12, 2011). Reflective logs in clinical internships: Potentials for training and research. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Council of Applied Masters Programs in Psychology (CAMPP), San Diego, CA.

Knight, T. A. (2011). Earlene. In D. Wedding & R. J. Corsini (Eds.), Case studies in psychotherapy, (6th ed., pp. 46-50). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole. (Excerpt from Knight, T. A. Showing clients the doors: Active problem-solving in client-centered therapy. Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, 17, 111-124.)

Knight, T. A. (November 4, 2011). The clinical intern’s journey: Qualitative insights. Paper presented at the Western Illinois University Department of Psychology Colloquium, Macomb, IL.

Knight, T. A. (April 16, 2011). Humanistic psychology and the clinical internship. Paper presented at the national conference of the Society for Humanistic Psychology (APA Division 32), Chicago, IL.