Department of Psychology

Dr. Kris Kelly

Kristine M. Kelly, Ph.D.

109 Waggoner Hall
Work: 309-298-1593
Fax: 309-298-2179

Additional Information


Dr. Kelly studied at California State University—Sacramento, majoring in psychology. She received her Ph.D. in experimental psychology from the University of Tennessee. Her dissertation was titled, “Measurement and Manifestation of the Need to Belong.”

Teaching Areas:

Dr. Kelly regularly teaches Human Social Behavior (PSY250), Advanced Social Psychology (PSY452), Research in Psychology II: Research Methods (PSY323), and various graduate courses.

Research Interests:

Dr. Kelly’s research interests center around the formation, maintenance, and termination of interpersonal relationships. In her Interpersonal Relationships Lab, she enjoys working with both graduate and undergraduate students. Much of the lab’s research involves the need to belong and social rejection. She also has specific research interests in mate selection, children of divorce, and father-child relationships.

Recent Scholarly Activities:

Schramer, K. M. & Kelly, K. M. (2012, May).  The relationship between Turner Syndrome characteristics and aspects of social integration.  Poster presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Society, Chicago.

Hanson, T. L., Stolmeier, J. M., & Kelly, K. M. (2012, May).  Social costs of cuckoldry: The perception of male reputations as a function of partner infidelity and paternal resemblance.  Oral paper presented at the annual meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago.

Schramer, K. M., Hanson, T. L., Reeve, S., Stolmeier, J., Summerville, L., & Kelly, K. M. (2012, May).  Gender differences in fertility preferences for long-term mates.  Oral paper presented at the annual meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago.

Sayers, J. K., Sears, K. L., Kelly, K. M., & Harbke, C. R. (2011). When employees engage in workplace incivility: The interactive effect of psychological contract violation and organizational justice. Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, 23(4), 269-283.

Kelly, K. M., Mathes, E. W., & Kurz, M. (2010). Christian marriage as an antidote to partner loss jealousy. Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 29(3), 218-228.

Carton, A. D., Young, M. S., & Kelly, K. M. (2010). Changes in sources and perceived quality of social support among formerly homeless persons receiving assertive community treatment services. Community Mental Health Journal, 46(2), 156-163.

Leary, M. R. & Kelly, K. M. (2009). Belonging motivation. In M. R. Leary & R. H. Hoyle (Eds.), Handbook of individual differences in social behavior. New York: Guilford.