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Dr. Colin Harbke

Colin Harbke, Ph.D.

106 Waggoner Hall
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Dr. Harbke earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Alaska Anchorage and his masters and doctorate in Experimental Psychology at Washington State University. His first major research experience was working on an NIH-funded randomized clinical trial of needle exchange in Anchorage, Alaska.

Teaching Areas:

Dr. Harbke specializes in research methods and quantitative analysis and greatly enjoys teaching classes in these areas. He teaches Research in Psychology I: Statistical Methods and Design (Psy 223), Research Methods in Psychology II: Research Methodology (Psy 323), Techniques in Research and Program Evaluation (Psy 500), Advanced Psychological Statistics (Psy 501), Research Methods in Applied Settings (Psy 502), Current Research in Psychology Seminar (CRIPS; Psy 550), and Structural Equation Modeling for the Behavioral Sciences (Psy 551). Dr. Harbke also enjoys teaching content-based courses, such as Introduction to Psychology (Psy 100) and Perception (Psy 344), whenever possible.

Research Interests:

Dr. Harbke’s broad research interests and background includes a variety of different subjects in psychology, education, substance use, public health, and medicine. Some of the current projects he is working on include perceptions of and reactions toward public breastfeeding and verbal stranger harassment. Dr. Harbke especially enjoys working with students who are interested in completing their own research project and strives to help students’ to turn their own research ideas or questions into testable hypotheses and research projects.

Recent Scholarly Activities:

Harbke, C. R., Laurent, J., & Catanzaro, S. J. (2017). Comparison of the original and short form Drinking Motives Questionnaire-Revised with high school and underage college student drinkers. Assessment. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1177/1073191117731812

Dunkel, C. S. & Harbke, C. R. (2016). A review of measures of Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development: Evidence for a general factor. Journal of Adult Development, 24, 58-76. doi: 10.1007/s10804-016-9247-4

Sizemore, S. J., Goodwin, P. E., & Harbke, C. R. (2016, May). Above temperment: Humor style provides additional protection against life stress. Poster presented at the 88th annual convention of the Association for Psychological Science, Chicago. 

Helmers, B. R., Harbke, C. R., & Herbstrith, J. C. (2016, May). Sensation seeking predicts sexual willingness with same and other-sex partners. Paper presented at the 88th annual meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago

Hetzel-Riggin, M. D., & Harbke, C. R. (2014). Hierarchical convergence of PTSD symptom clusters: A comparison of the Numbing, Dysphoria, and Dysphoric Arousal Models of PTSD. Traumatology, 20, 302-312. doi: 10.1037/h0099857

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