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Select Campus Renovations Completed

September 17, 2013

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MACOMB, IL -- From new ceiling tile and floor tile to fresh coats of paint to stair replacements, some Western Illinois University buildings got a bit of an interior facelift this summer.

Work began in May, following the close of the Spring 2013 semester, and was completed last week. According to Deputy Director of Facilities Management Ted Renner, the $175,000 worth of projects were funded by a one-time reallocation of appropriated permanent improvement funds.

"When we found out very late in the spring semester that we would have access to this money to make some improvements, we decided that some of our academic buildings needed some freshening up," Renner explained. "We met with the deans of each college and asked for priority lists, and we took it from there."

The work was focused on major classrooms, lobbies and public spaces on the main floors of academic buildings, as well as the Registrars' Office in Sherman Hall.

"While these projects may seem minor in scope, they make a big difference in the look and feel of a space," Renner added. "We want our students and visitors to have a positive impression when entering a building. Some paint, new ceiling tiles and other cosmetic touch-ups go a long way in renewing a space."

Enhancements include:

Stipes Hall
Rooms 226, 230, 115 - New paint and new ceiling tile.
R0ooms 209, 221, 215, 306 – New ceiling tile.
North and south hallway near main lobby – New ceiling tile.

Waggoner Hall

Lower level - New ceiling tile.
North Entrance - Repaired the interior stairs, replaced door glass.

Horrabin Hall
East Cooridor: Floor tile.
South Exterior: Repaired handrail on the ADA ramp.

Morgan Hall
Rooms 228, 326, 308, 309A - New paint and ceiling tile.
Room 109 - New paint and floor tile.
Rooms 326, 308, 309A - Installed department-purchased projectors.
Entryway ceiling: New Paint.

Sherman Hall
Registrar Office (lobby) - New paint.

Tillman Hall
First Floor - New floor tile.

Browne Hall
Hainline Lobby, School of Music lobby, and the Theatre lobby - New ceiling tile, new paint.
Room 129 - New paint, soundproofing panels installed.
Rooms 215, 220, 207, 226 - New paint and ceiling tiles.

Simpkins Hall
Recital Hall foyer - New carpet.
Rooms 313, 314 - Soundproofing panels installed and department-purchased projectors installed.

Sallee Hall
Hallway - Installed bulletin boards.

"While this was a one-time allotment, we hope to obtain additional funding to continue with projects that our deans deem as necessary enhancement projects for their public spaces and classrooms," said Facilities Management Director Scott Coker. "Western's deferred maintenance projects total more than $500 million. As we wait for state funding to help with our deferred maintenance projects, we will use funding from other sources for critical projects, such as steam line repair and replacement. But if we can secure modest amounts of funding from various sources for minor repairs and enhancements, a little paint and some new ceiling tiles can go a long way in improving the overall appearance of a classroom or a lobby."

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