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WIU Baxter-Snyder Professor of Regional and Icarian Studies Jeffrey Hancks to Give Icarian History Talk April 28 at Hotel Nauvoo

April 1, 2013

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MACOMB, IL – Western Illinois University Libraries' Baxter-Snyder Professor of Regional and Icarian Studies Jeffrey Hancks will present "After the Saints: Nauvoo's Icarian History" later this month.

Hancks' talk is scheduled for Sunday, April 28, during the lunch hour, starting at 12:30 p.m., at the Hotel Nauvoo, a well-known restaurant in the area. Cost to attend is $22.50 per person, which includes the Hotel Nauvoo's lunch buffet, coffee/tea and gratuity.

Hancks will provide an overview of the Icarian movement, including its origins in France; the Icarians' short stay in Texas; and why they chose Nauvoo. According to Hancks, the Nauvoo area has a long, rich Icarian History, and most of the focus of his April 28 talk will be on the Nauvoo era in Icarian history. He will also describe what happened to the Icarian colonies and provide the audience with information about the status of Icarian studies today.

"Most people in this region are familiar with Nauvoo's Latter-day Saint history, but not as many people know about the Icarians. The Icarians came to Nauvoo shortly after most Saints migrated to the Salt Lake Valley. For nearly 10 years the colony played a significant role in Nauvoo life before an internal crisis splintered the group's utopian harmony," Hancks noted. "I am honored to lead our Center for Icarian Studies at WIU, and I enjoy sharing the story of the Icarians helping keep their history alive in our region."

Participants must register by 4:30 p.m. Friday, April 12, with Lora Adcock at the WIU Leslie F. Malpass Library. Contact Adcock at (309) 298-2762 or via email at

The Hotel Nauvoo is located at 12900 Mulholland Street, Nauvoo (IL).

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