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FY'14 Budget Update [3/22/13]

March 22, 2013

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Dear WIU Campus Community:

On March 6, Governor Pat Quinn presented his public address and recommended a Fiscal Year 2014 operating budget of $49.6 million for Western Illinois University, which will result in a $2.5 million decrease from Western's FY'13 state appropriations (and a $10.3 million decrease since FY'10). Governor Quinn's complete Fiscal Year 2014 budget proposals can be found at (Western Illinois University, Section 6-287). While the legislature will hold hearings next month on state appropriations, and will present its version of a FY'14 budget, it is clear we will be facing another challenging year.

Given the uncertainty of the state's economic condition and pending legislation, I am asking that departments and divisions begin to plan for a reduced Fiscal Year 2014 budget. Our priorities will be to continue to provide quality academic programs, to implement a tuition rate that will allow us to remain affordable for students and families, and to retain faculty and staff. We must continue to examine all possible expense reductions in order to meet our priorities. While it is too early to predict what reductions will be necessary to meet these priorities, I am asking the vice presidents to consider decreases in their budgets for Fiscal Year 2014. The vice presidents will meet with their divisions to determine appropriate reductions within their areas. In addition, I will soon meet with the President's Advisory Committee to discuss the budget situation and solicit the committee's feedback as to possible actions that can be taken to help address these fiscal challenges.

Delays in FY'13 reimbursements continue to affect the University. Currently, the State of Illinois owes WIU a total of $46.8 million. Because of the University's current cash flow situation, it is imperative that we continue to conserve as many resources as possible. All departments are asked to limit spending to immediate operational needs only. All hiring will be evaluated on a position by position basis.

We will continue to work with our legislators and other universities to seek support for higher education. Thank you so much for your understanding, cooperation and support.

Jack Thomas

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