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Battery Recycling

January 16, 2013

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MACOMB, IL -- Living in the electronic age means going through lots of batteries to keep our gadgets and gizmos running at full speed. But where do we properly dispose of the batteries once they are depleted?

To keep batteries out of the landfill, and to meet state environmental requirements, Western Illinois University's sustainability initiative has designated battery recycling spots in each campus building. Recycling bins have been placed in each building representative's office (see complete list at for WIU equipment battery drop-offs. The following batteries may be placed in the battery recycling bins: cell phone, laptop, alkaline, nickel and rechargeable.

"It is now illegal, in accordance with Illinois Environmental Protection Agency laws, to dispose of batteries in the University's waste stream. If we do not comply with the proper disposal of batteries used for University equipment, we face large fines," noted Mandi Green, WIU sustainability coordinator.

For more information on the WIU battery recycling program, visit, or contact Green at

Personal batteries can be recycled at the Tri-County Regional Collection Facility, 510 N. Pearl St., Macomb (

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