Human Resources

1. Initiate Search Process | 2. Plan & Develop Search | 3. Receive & Screen Materials | 4. Interview Applicants
5. Select Candidate | 6. Submit Hiring Document | Search Process & Forms

Step Four: Interview Applicants

Develop a set of interview questions to be asked of each candidate.

  • Only questions related to a candidate’s ability to perform the job may be asked.
  • The same set of questions must be used for each candidate, even internal candidates.
  • Follow-up questions may be asked for the purpose of clarifying information.
  • Submit the questions to the Office of Human Resources for approval before interviews begin.
  • Questions regarding age, race, marital status, veteran status, disability, religion and sexual orientation are prohibited.

See for further guidance or call the Office of Human Resources at (309) 298-1971.

Once the Office of Human Resources and appropriate hiring administrator have given approval to interview, the committee must decide on the interview format.

Some things to consider are:

  • Who will be involved?
  • What constituency groups need to be represented?
  • How should the interviews be scheduled?
  • Who will do the arranging?
  • Who will escort the candidate through the day and monitor the time?
  • Who will introduce the candidate, ask the questions and moderate the process?
  • Who will develop an evaluation sheet; and who will collect and tabulate them?
  • Is the interview location accessible?

There are many campus groups and organizations that can assist search committees in welcoming candidates. Some possible resources include;

In addition, campus organizations may be able to provide support to your recruitment efforts.

These offices may be contacted to arrange visits or for individuals to accompany candidates on campus. Please contact the Office of Human Resources for suggestions regarding this process.