Human Resources

1. Initiate Search Process | 2. Plan & Develop Search | 3. Receive & Screen Materials | 4. Interview Applicants
5. Select Candidate | 6. Submit Hiring Document | Search Process & Forms

Step Two: Plan and Develop the Search Process (Hiring Administrator and Search Committee)

A. Convene the Committee and Define their Role

  • Convene the committee to review the Recruitment Manual and Hiring Guidelines (this manual) and define their role in the hiring process.
  • Stress the requirement of candidate confidentiality to the committee and clearly establish guidelines about the function of the committee relative to the search and selection or screening and recommendation.
  • Include the discussion of area Equal Opportunity and Access goals and requirements, to make sure all members of the search committee understand their Equal Opportunity responsibilities.
  • Invite a representative from the Office of Human Resources to attend the initial committee meeting. A meeting with the Office of Human Resources is required, to proceed with the search process.

B. Advertising Plan

The Office of Human Resources engages strategies for recruiting applicants from a broad spectrum of groups and automatically advertises positions in the following: The Chronicle of Higher Ed (faculty and high level administrative positions), WIU employment web page, Illinois Job Link, Higher Ed Jobs, Women and Higher Ed, LGBT in Higher Ed, Disabled in Higher Ed, Veterans in Higher Ed, Hispanics in Higher Ed, Blacks in Higher Ed, Native Americans in Higher Ed, and Asians in Higher Ed.

The search committee may wish to engage additional advertising strategies.  These may include advertising in discipline or profession specific publications or organizations, posting to appropriate online platforms and/or websites, and contacting organizations whose membership is comprised of individuals from underrepresented groups. 

Once the committee has developed a plan for additional advertising and distribution of the position announcement or modified/shortened announcement, it must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources for approval prior to advertising.

Note: Once the additional advertising plan and modified announcements have been approved, submit your announcement to the various agencies/organizations for publication. Be sure to allow a minimum of two weeks from posting date to initial screening date when planning your advertising.

If you need assistance with modifying an announcement or developing additional advertising strategies, contact the Office of Human Resources for available resources.