Campus Connection

Campus Connection Submissions for March 1, 2013

Grants & Contracts

  • Gisele Hamm, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, (IIRA)—$160,000 from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) for "MAPPING the Future of Your Community FY 13." FY13-14
  • Robin Hanna, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, (IIRA)—$1,250 from various sources for "Supplement to RETAC Services."  Ongoing
  • Robin Hanna, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs (IIRA)—$1,000 from various sources for "Supplement to RETAC Services (continuous)." Ongoing
  • Jack Huang and Lisa Wen, both of Chemistry—$1,000 from American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) for "Travel Award to attend the 2013 ASBMB Annual Meeting."  FY13
  • Karen Mauldin-Curtis, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, (IIRA)—$3,750 from various sources for "Peace Corps Community Contributions." Ongoing
  • Sara Simonson, Curriculum and Instruction—$6,373 from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville for "IHE Partnership." FY11-14
  • Tim Spier, Biological Sciences—$20,000 from the University of Illinois (U of I) for "Asian Carp and Water Productivity - #4."  FY13-14
  • Cynthia Struthers, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs (IIRA)—$699 from various sources for the "Health Mapping Community Support."   Ongoing
  • Carol Webb, Educational Leadership—$5,000 from Illinois State University (ISU) for "LINC (Leadership to Integrate the Learning Continuum)."  FY13-14


Employee Service Recognition

The 30th Annual Employee Recognition Reception will be held on April 2, 2013, at 7:00pm, Lamoine Room, University Union, to honor employees who have completed 10-45 years of service to Western Illinois University (see below).

In addition, employees who have exhibited our core values – Academic Excellence, Educational Opportunity, Personal Growth, and Social Responsibility – within our community or within our campus community will be recognized for their service to the community and distinguished service to Western.  Applications for the Community Service Award and Distinguished Service Award are found at:

Forty-five Years
John Blauvelt, Geography

Forty Years
Eugene Mathes, Psychology

Thirty-five Years
Iraj Kalantari, Mathematics
Kenneth Thermon, WIUM

Thirty Years
Bradley Bainter, Vice President for Advancement and Public Services
Kenneth Durkin, Law Enforcement & Justice Administration
Cathy Dwyer, Facilities Management
Deborah McDaniel, Economics & Decision Sciences
Donna Pestle, Agriculture
Patrick Stout, Broadcasting

Twenty-five Years
John Q. Adams, Educational & Interdisciplinary Studies
Timothy Adams, Administrative Information Management Systems
Barry Anderson, Law Enforcement & Justice Administration
Marie Bell, Engineering Technology
James Brakefield, Management & Marketing
John Chisholm, Mathematics
Steve Collier, University Union General Building
Larry Dean, Visual Production Center
Farideh Dehkordi-Vakil, Economics & Decision Sciences
Virginia Diehl, Psychology
Patrick Dowdall, Facilities Management
Diane Fullenwilder-Bracey, Advising & Academic Services Center
Raymond Gabica, Theatre & Dance
Michael Gravino, University Relations
Kenneth Hawkinson, Provost & Academic Vice President
Andrea Henderson, Equal Opportunity and Access Office
Jeffrey Hillyer, Biological Sciences
Don T. Johnson, Accounting & Finance
Christopher Lantz, Instructional Design & Technology
Nancy Parsons, Provost & Academic Vice President
Deborah Ruebush, Public Safety
Julia Standard, Kinesiology
Pearlie Strother-Adams, English & Journalism
Michelle Terry, Business Advising Center
Cheryl Webster, Accounting Office
Dwight White, Facilities Management - Building Services

Twenty Years
Amelia Betz, Center for Best Practices in Early Child Education
Joann Bloomberg, Counseling Center
Dana Bray, Document & Publication Services
Bruce Briney, Music
Guadalupe M. Cabedo-Timmons, Foreign Languages & Literatures
Martin Coe, WIU Quad Cities - Business & Technology
Annette Davila, Administrative Information Management Systems
Paul D. Hughes, Facilities Management - Landscape Maintenance
Roger Jackson, Facilities Management - Building Maintenance
Martin Kral, Career Services
Timothy Kupka, Theatre & Dance
Susan Martinelli, College of Arts & Sciences
Susan Nichols, IL Law Enforcement Executive Institute
Brent Payne, Engineering Technology
James Schmidt, College of Arts & Sciences
Aimee Shouse, Women's Studies
Shengming Tang, Sociology & Anthropology

Fifteen Years
Jerry Allen, Public Safety
Vincent Auger, Political Science
C. Suzanne Bailey, WIU Quad Cities - Law Enforcement & Justice Administration
Lance Black, Facilities Management- Building Maintenance
Mel Blasi, Golf Course
Keith Boeckelman, Political Science
Sheryl Boston, Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising & Hospitality
Greg Bozard, Facilities Management - Building Maintenance
Jennifer Brattain, Bookstore
Jessica Butcher, Vice President for Student Services
Janet Cox, Payroll
Tracy Cruise, Psychology
M. Todd Danner, Facilities Management - Transportations
Tracy Davis, Educational & Interdisciplinary Studies
Robert Derry, Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood Education
Walter Derry, Telecommunications Services
J. Matthew DeWitt, Facilities Management - Building Services
Kelly Downing, Facilities Management - Building Services
Charles Eddington, Facilities Management - Building Services
Diane Edwards, Geology
Richard Egger, WIUM
Cynthia Ewalt, Financial Aid
Larry Fentem, Administrative Information Management Systems
Marguerite Gosnell, Accounting Office
Crystal Hack, Center for Application of Information Technology
Ralph Heissinger, History
Tamela Hiel, Facilities Management
Douglas Huff, Music
Steven Hunt, WIU Quad Cities - Business & Technology
Robert Intrieri, Psychology
Frederick Isele, WIU Quad Cities - Education & Human Services
Allen Kepple, Facilities Management - Building Services
Todd Knox, Facilities Management - Building Mechanical Maintenance
Kristi Kupka, IL Institute for Rural Affairs
Daniel Lambert, Facilities Management - Building Services
Ross Lambert, Kinesiology
Christine Lapka, Music
Nancy Laverdiere, Libraries
Charles Malone, Libraries
Eric Mansfield, Educational & Interdisciplinary Studies
Kimberley McClure, Psychology
Walter McGath, Beu Health Center
Don McLean, WIU Quad Cities - Education & Human Services
Gregory Montalvo Jr., Educational & Interdisciplinary Studies
Kevin Nichols, Music
Russell Orwig, Social Work
Scott Palmer, History
Merrie J. Parry, College of Education & Human Services
Steven Radlo, Kinesiology
Gordon Rands, Management & Marketing
Robert Rittenhouse, Facilities Management - Building Services
Clarene Royer, Scholarship Office
Margaret Sinex, English & Journalism
Judy Smith, University Housing & Dining Services
Emeric Solymossy, WIU Quad Cities - Business & Technology
Christopher Sutton, Geography
Patricia Thornton, University Housing & Dining Services
Greg Turner, Facilities Management - Building Services
Gayle Vincent, Financial Aid
Tammie Walker, Music
Ann Walsh, WIU Quad Cities - Business & Technology
Tara Westerhold, Economics & Decision Sciences
Steven Whan, WIU Quad Cities - Operations & Maintenance

Ten Years
Ted Anderson, Public Safety
David Banash, English & Journalism
Daniel Bartlett, Facilities Management - Building Services
Jason Blackford, Mathematics
Lee Brice, History
James Buffalo, Facilities Management - Building Mechanical Maintenance
Laura Caldwell, Document & Publication Services
Angela Carter, Distance Education Support
Jill Cassady, Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising & Hospitality
Hilary Churchill, Foundation & Development
Scott Coker, Facilities Management
Jane Coplan, Advising & Academic Services Center
M. Chad Cordell, Facilities Management - Building Maintenance
Jason Covert, Computer Sciences
Brian Davies, Physics
Janna Deitz, Political Science
Leann DeJoode, Infant & Preschool Center
C. B. Dilger, English & Journalism
Rumen Dimitrov, Mathematics
Thomas Durso, Broadcasting
Keith Erickson, WIU Quad Cities - Education & Human Services
Carla Farniok, University Relations
Phyllis Fowler, Facilities Management - Building Services
Elwood Garretson, Electronic Student Services
S. Amanda Green, Facilities Management
Greg Hall, History
Kelly Harkey, College of Fine Arts & Communication
Diane Heisner, WIU Quad Cities - Counselor Education
Hoyet Hemphill, Instructional Design & Technology
Leaunda Hemphill, Instructional Design & Technology
Mark Hoge, Agriculture
Molly Homer, Centennial Honors College
Gary Hughes, Facilities Management - Building Mechanical Maintenance
Ryan Hunt, Management & Marketing
Danielle Huston, Registrar
Guy Huston, Public Safety
William Kincaid, Theatre & Dance
William Kirkpatrick, Facilities Management - Building Services
Connie Kreps, Psychology
Walter Kretchik, History
James La Prad, Educational & Interdisciplinary Studies
David Lane, Psychology
Sarah Lawson, Registrar
Damon McArthur, Art
James McQuillan, Computer Sciences
Alice Melkumian, Economics & Decision Sciences
Richard Musser, Biological Sciences
Holly Nikels, WIU Quad Cities - Counselor Education
Margarita Obregon, Foreign Languages & Literatures
Jason Parrott, Educational/Public Service Radio
Jeanine Pollmeier, Admissions
John Quigle, Kinesiology
Daniel Rathjen, Facilities Management - Building Maintenance
David Rohall, Sociology & Anthropology
Susan Romano, WIU Quad Cities - Biological Sciences
Renee Simpson, Advising & Academic Services Center
Bonnie Sonnek, English & Journalism
Christine Spencer, University Technology
Feridun Tasdan, Mathematics
Kristofer Trepac, Facilities Management
Anna Valeva, Economics & Decision Sciences
Sandra Watkins, Educational Leadership
Edward Webster, Facilities Management - Building Services
Beate Wilson, Sociology & Anthropology
Edward Woell, History
Jane Woerly, Philosophy & Religious Studies