Campus Connection

Campus Connection Submissions for January 18, 2013

Grants & Contracts

  • Jonathan Ahl , WIUM-FM public radio—$8,000 from Illinois Arts Council (IAC) for "Celebration Concert Series." FY13
  • Richard Carter, Center for International Studies (CIS)—$2,000 from the U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP), for "Public Education for Peace-building Project."  FY13
  • Gisele Hamm, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs (IIRA)—$23,000 from the Corporation for National and Community Services (CNCS) for "VISTA Community Outreach." FY13
  • Kristi Kupka, Illinois Institute of Rural Affairs (IIRA)—$37,000 from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) for "PTAC FY13-State." FY13
  • Mike Musick, Bureau of Cultural Affairs (BCA)—$13,500 from the Illinois Arts Council (IAC) for "BCA General Operating Support." FY13

Professional Activities

  • Keith Holz, Associate Professor, Department of Art, was a guest of the Indiana University Art Museum, Bloomington, Nov. 6 - 8, 2012. On Nov. 7 he presented a public lecture based on his newest research: "Kokoschka's list:  Curating the self for London."
  • Keith Holz, Associate Professor, Department of Art, will chair the "Emerging Scholars" session of the Historians of German and Central European Art & Architecture at the 101st annual conference of the College Art Association (CAA), Hilton Hotel New York, Friday, Feb. 15, 2013, from 5:30 to 7:00 in the Sutton Parlor South (second floor).


Changes In Civil Service Personnel

New Employees

  • Kepple, Crystal A., Clerk, Student Assistance and Parent Services Center, 1/22/13.
  • Lotz, Cynthia L., Clerk, Provost & Academic Vice President, 1/7/13.
  • McClintock, Cynthia K., Chief Clerk, Physical Plant Administration, 1/2/13.
  • Van Vleet, Carrie A., Office Support Specialist, Management & Marketing, 1/7/13.
  • Swanson, Kevin J., Carpenter, Building Maintenance, 1/2/13.


  • Payne, Sara J., Staff Clerk, Center for Preparation of Education Professionals promoted to Administrative Clerk, Provost & Academic Vice President, 1/2/13.

Name Change

  • Althoff, Heather N., Golf Course Pro-Shop Assistant, Golf Course Operations, 1/3/13.  Former Name: Heather Higgins.


  • Allen, Steven D., Equipment Attendant, Athletics, 1/10/13.
  • Jackson, Rachael N., Collection Specialist, Billing & Receivables, 12/21/12.
  • Marsack, Jill L., Office Support Specialist, Economics and Decision Sciences, 1/11/13.
  • Munro, Heather R., Office Support Specialist, Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies, 1/13/13. Accepted an A&P position on campus.


  • Erlandson, Mary E., Office Support Specialist, Registrar, 12/31/12.
  • Hackl-Hunt, Karen M., Human Resource Assistant Manager, Human Resources, 12/31/12.
  • Smith, Connie S., Office Support Specialist, Business Services, 12/31/12.