Undergraduate Admissions

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The Undergraduate Admissions Team is here to help you!

WIU admissions counselors are here to answer your questions. Please use this website to find your counselor's contact information and, if you'd like, schedule an appointment to meet with them.


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Meet Audrey Barrientos, Admissions Counselor

Audrey Barrientos

Phone: (708) 948-7497
Email: AR-Barrientos@wiu.edu

Meet Kassie Daly, Associate Director

Kassie Daly

Phone: (309) 762-3999 ext. 62348
Email: KJ-Daly@wiu.edu

Meet Taylor Fietterer, Admissions Counselor

Taylor Fietterer

Phone: (309) 647-3164
Email: T-Fietterer@wiu.edu

Meet Anthony Gomez, Admissions Counselor

Anthony Gomez

Phone: (309) 255-8450
Email: A-Gomez6@wiu.edu

Meet Katy Gorsuch, Admissions Counselor

Katy Gorsuch

Phone: (309) 259-0188
Email: KL-Gorsuch@wiu.edu

Meet Sharon Hunter, Transfer Counselor

Sharon Hunter

Phone: (309) 255-0354
Email: sl-hunter2@wiu.edu

Meet Andrea Huntley, Admissions Counselor

Andrea Huntley

Phone: (309) 252-8928
Email: A-Huntley@wiu.edu

Meet Danielle Kincaid, Admissions Counselor

Danielle Kincaid

Phone: (309) 252-0721
Email: DL-Kincaid@wiu.edu

Meet Bianca O'Neill, Admissions Counselor

Bianca O'Neill

Phone: (309) 255-0194
Email: BF-O-Neill@wiu.edu

Meet Kate Romanaggi, Admissions Counselor

Kate Romanaggi

Phone: (309) 259-0046
Email: K-Romanaggi@wiu.edu

Meet Cameron Ruiz, Admissions Counselor

Cameron Ruiz

Phone: (309) 259-0005
Email: cr-ruiz@wiu.edu

Meet Karen Trusley, Transfer Counselor

Karen Trusley

Phone: (815) 885-8020
Email: KM-Trusley@wiu.edu

Meet Ries Wynn-Foster, Admissions Counselor

Reis Wynn-Foster

Phone: (773) 309-4323
Email: RT-Wynn-Foster@wiu.edu

Meet Randy Glean, Executive Director of International Affairs

Randy Glean

Phone: (309) 298-1929
Email: r-glean@wiu.edu