Centennial Honors College

University Honors Council

The University Honors Council advises the Dean of the Honors College. The council reviews and approves General Honors courses, seminars, Honors in the Major requirements, honors program initiatives, honors research grants, and Honors College policies.


Ex Officio Members
  • Dr. Lorette Oden, Interim Dean & Chair
  • Dr. Molly Homer, Academic Honors Advisor
  • Krista Skien, Academic Honors Advisor
  • Dr. Jim Rabchuk, QC Academic Honors Advisor

Recording Secretary
  • Krista Skien

Library Representative
  • Krista Bowers Sharpe (2023)

Student Representatives
  • Hannah Akers, Elementary Education 
  • Alaina Kline, Law Enforcement & Justice Administration
College of Arts & Sciences
  • Bill Knox, English (2023)
  • Mark Boley, Physics (2022)
  • Patrick McGinty, Sociology/Anthropology (2021)

College of Business & Technology
  • Jobu Babin, Economics and Decision Sciences (2021)
  • Yeongkwun Kim, School of Computer Science (2022)
  • Alla Melkumian, School of Accounting, Finance, Economics, and Decision Sciences (2023)

College of Education & Human Services
  • Abha Singh, Curriculum & Instruction (2021)
  • Boh Young Lee, Curriculum and Instruction (2022)
  • Young Gin Choi, Recreation Park and Tourism Administration (2023)

College of Fine Arts & Communication
  • Anita Hardeman, School of Music (2022)
  • Josh Wroblewski, Theatre and Dance (2023)
  • Penny Shumate, School of Music (2021)

Quad Cities Representative
  • Jennifer L. McGarry (2022)