Centennial Honors College

2023 WIU QC and Online Student Research Conference

April 24-May 5, 2023

A Celebration of Academic Excellence through Research, Scholarship, and Performance

student presenting research about gene expression of caterpillars people talking with a student in front of a posterboard about an ecology group


The QC/Virtual Research Conference is hosted through a WesternOnline Course page.

To attend and participate:

  1. Register for the conference and submit the abstract for your presentation at https://forms.gle/vqopGNYqpUHBjpgWA
  2. Self-register by logging into WesternOnline.
  3. Go to Communication > Self-Registration. A table of courses available for self-registration will appear.
  4. Select "2023 WIU QC and Online Student Research Conference." The Conference course page should then appear on the home page.

If there are any questions about self-registration, please don't hesitate to contact Dr. Kristin Wiseley at  ks-wiseley@wiu.edu.

Virtual Conference Website

Description of the Event

The WIU QC and Online Student Research Conference is a celebration of the scholarly research being carried out by students and their faculty mentors at the WIU QC and Online Campuses. The Research Conference will feature recorded scholarly presentations by students on their research and special projects, as well as student performances. These recordings will be available for viewing and comment in the Conference’s WesternOnline Course page throughout the week of April 24-May 5.

Guidelines for Attending

This year, our Student Research Conference will be hosted virtually through our WesternOnline course management system. A WesternOnline Course, called “2023 WIU QC and Online Student Research Conference” has been created in order to provide access to pre-recorded presentations of student research, scholarship, as well as creative and artistic performances. In order to participate in the conference, an individual having an ecom id and password can self-register for the conference by accessing the course page through WesternOnline.

Guidelines for Participation

Participation in the WIU QC Student Research Conference is open to all Western Illinois University undergraduate and graduate students. Participants must submit an abstract and participation information, which also confirms that they have read and understood these guidelines, between April 3 and April 20, 2023. Please read and refer to the following submission Instructions before submitting an abstract and participation information. Further questions can be directed to Dr. Kristin Wiseley at  ks-wiseley@wiu.edu.