Equal Opportunity & Access

Diversity Resources at WIU

The Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center

The Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center provides ongoing cultural experiences, academic enhancement opportunities, and social programs designed to aid in the adjustment of African American students at Western Illinois University.

Casa Latina Cultural Center

The mission of the Casa Latina Cultural Center is to provide support services for Latino and International students and to further provide an informed understanding of the Latino people to Western's community, surrounding areas and people in the State of Illinois.

Center for International Studies

Today's world is undergoing rapid social and technological change that directly impacts our future as a institution, society and nation. Western Illinois University believes strongly in the development of an international perspective and we strive to provide our students and faculty with a variety of international opportunities.

Disability Support Services

Western Illinois University is committed to justice, equity, and diversity. Providing equal opportunities for students with disabilities is a campus-wide responsibility and commitment in which Disability Support Services (DSS) plays a primary role.

Multicultural Programs

Multicultural Services promotes diversity on campus. College campuses have become increasingly diverse over the past two decades, thus Multicultural Services was created by the Office of Student Activities to promote and celebrate diversity within the WIU campus.

Women's Center

The Western Illinois University Women’s Center supports a welcoming and gender-inclusive campus community.  Student development is at the core of our work.  We advocate for gender equity through examinations of feminisims, sexism, patriarchy, and misogyny.  We lead the campus community in explorations of how gender is a social construction that influences power dynamics, and intersects with all other identities, such as, but not limited to: ability, age, citizenship status, ethnicity, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic class.  We promote opportunities to celebrate women, collaborate in programming and outreach, and seek unity and understanding.

Western Organization for Women

The Western Organization for Women (WOW) was established in 1971 out of concern for women’s opportunities for advancement on the campus of Western Illinois University.