2008 WIU Trivia Contest

University Libraries usually provide answers at the reference desk, but this time we want answers from you. By answering quick (and easy) trivia questions about WIU, you could win an iPod. What are you waiting for? Jot down the questions below, put on your walking shoes, grab a friend, and get to know the campus!


Congratulations to Mary! She won an iPod Nano by correctly answering Question #3.

Image of Librarian Brian Clark presenting Mary with her new iPod Nano.

Winner #2 is Katie T., who won an iPod Nano by answering Question #2 correctly.

Answers to the Trivia Questions

Question 1: Malpass Library is named for a former WIU President. How many presidents held this position before he did?
Hint: Check the dedication plaque near one of the building entrances.]
Image of the Malpass Library.
Image of the plaque in the Malpass Library.
Question 2: This architectural decoration adorns the east and west entrances of which campus building?
Hint: Almost every freshman has a class in this building.
Image of the architectural decoration.
Simpkins Hall
Image of Simpkins Hall
Question 3: This sign in Simpkins Hall marks the spot of the long-departed WIU Lab School Library. What is housed here now?
Hint: Tour the top floor.
Image of sign in Simpkins Hall.
The University Writing Center
University Writing Center web site header
Question 4: If you haven’t yet discovered the outdoor amphitheater, you might want to explore. When was it built?
Hint: The date is set in concrete. Go past the Lincoln-Washington parking lot.
Image of the outdoor amphitheater.
Question 5: How many trees have been planted in our Soldiers' Memorial in honor of students who died in WWI?
Hint: See the east side of Sherman Circle.
Image of Soldiers' Memorial.
Image of plaque in the Soldiers' Memorial.
Question 6: This sign can be seen above an elevator and a doorway on the second floor of which campus building?
Hint: This old administrative building was once the home of the WIU Library.
Image of sign that has Library on it.
Sherman Hall
Image of Sherman Hall.