Academic Advising

My Student's Finances

We know that college finances can sometimes be difficult to understand. Let us help you navigate the world of bill payments, financial aid, FAFSA (opens October 1), and sending your student money for expenses.

What is the FAFSA? How can I help my student with the FAFSA?

Visit this page on the Financial Aid Office website for more details.

How can I pay my student’s bill?

Information about how to pay a bill owed to the University and when bill payments are due can be found here.

How can I take out a loan for my student’s bill?

Any questions about loans, including the ParentPlus loan, can be directed to the Office of Financial Aid.

I don’t understand my student’s Financial Aid award letter. Who can explain it to me?

The Financial Aid Office can assist in deciphering your student's financial aid award letter.

I want to send my student money. What are my options?

Many options are available. For example: