Table of Contents

Deans & Directors

College of Arts & Sciences
Dean: Dr. Susan A. Martinelli-Fernandez
Morgan Hall 114
(309) 298-1828
College website / Quad Cities campus website 
College of Business & Technology
Interim Dean: Dr. Craig Conrad
Stipes Hall 101
(309) 298-2442
College website
College of Education & Human Services
Dean: Dr. Francis Godwyll
Horrabin Hall 117 
(309) 298-1690
College website
College of Fine Arts & Communication
Interim Dean: Dr. William G. Hoon
Browne Hall 115
(309) 298-1618
College website


Centennial Honors College
Interim Dean: Dr. Lorette Oden
Malpass Library, 2nd Level
(309) 298-2228
College website
Center for Global Studies
Executive Director: Dr. Roland Glean
Horrabin Hall 6
(309) 298-1920
Center website
Distance Education and Support
Director:  Dr. Raymond Lawson
Malpass Library 184
(309) 298-2434
Office website
School of Graduate Studies
Director: Dr. Mark Mossman
Sherman Hall 116 
(309) 298-1806
School website
University Libraries
Dean: Dr. Héctor Maymí-Sugrañes
Malpass Library 372
(309) 298-2762
Libraries website