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There are 1000's of scholarships available to study abroad. Many have only minimal requirements and are not based on GPA's or financial need. We recommend you search the web for scholarships also offered by the government of the country where you will study. Many companies in the travel industry offer scholarships as well. Do YOUR research!

Eligibility for some scholarships is based on program length, academic performance, and the number of academic credits students will receive on their programs. Review the WIU and major National opportunities below, then initiate your scholarship applications. We provide assistance and endorsements if required for scholarships outside of WIU.

Available Funds and Program Length

Scholarship Name 

  Amounts (Max. amounts) 

Deadlines  Faculty Led  Semester or Year Long   Summer 
Rocky Studies Abroad Scholarship $500 Click Here X
Conger Scholarship $500  Click Here   X
Phi Beta Delta $500  Click Here  X X
Wehrly Scholarship $1500 Click Here    X  
Foreign Language Majors $2000 to $8000 See Department   X
Study Abroad Honors Scholarship  Up to $500 See Department   X
Annette Homer Travel Grant (Honors only) $500 to $1000 See Department X X X
Western Commitment Scholarship n.d.
Click Here X  
Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship Up to $5000 Click Here   X X
Fund for Education Abroad $1250 to $10000 Click Here   X X
Boren Scholarship $8000 to $20000 Click Here   X X
Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Scholarship $1000 Click Here X X X
Freeman Asia Award $3000 to $7000 Click Here   X X
Bridging Scholarship for study in Japan  $4000 Click Here   X
DAAD Scholarships for study in Germany  $2800 Click Here   X  
New Zealand Scholarships  $500 to $2000 Click Here    
Fulbright Summer Institute in the UK cost of entire program Click Here     X
Critical Language Scholarship cost of entire program Click Here    
BRIC Go Global Scholarship $1000 Click Here X X X
Ashley Soulé Conroy Study Abroad Scholarship $4000 Click Here   X  



  • Spring 2022 Study Abroad scholarships now open!

    Scholarship applications for Spring 2022 study abroad programs are now open. More information about the scholarships and the application form can be found on our website. The application deadline is midnight, Monday, November 1. If you have any questions about the scholarships, please contact Kim McDaniel, Study Abroad Advisor, at

  • Apply for passports NOW

    Passport processing is currently taking 3 months. If you plan to travel in Spring or Summer 2022, apply for your passport NOW


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