Quad Cities Campus

Academic Advising - Quad Cities

What does the Academic Advising Center do?

One of the ways WIU-QC implements its core values is by offering professional advisors. The Advisors are trained and experienced in advising and committed to it full time. WIU-QC students appreciate the professional attention to their unique individual needs.

All students at WIU-QC are assigned an academic advisor. You both share an important responsibility. While ultimately you are responsible for your graduation requirements, advisors are available to clarify University policies and procedures and to assist in developing your degree plan.

Following are typical tasks you may discuss with your advisor:

  • Explore majors within the College and/or University
  • Drop a class
  • Review your degree plan
  • Make a schedule change
  • Declare or change your major
  • Obtain career information
  • Apply for graduation

College of Business & Technology
Ashley Wilkinson

Ashley Wilkinson

  • Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Systems
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management

Email:  AL-Wilkinson2@wiu.edu
Phone:  309-762-3999 ext. 62326

Andi Potter, Advisor

Andi Potter

  • Civil Engineering
  • Engineering
  • Engineering Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering

Email:  AD-Potter@wiu.edu
Phone:  309-298-2100

College of Fine Arts & Communication
Jennifer Grimm

Jennifer Grimm

  • Communication

Email:  JK-Grimm@wiu.edu
Phone:  309-762-3999 ext. 62224 (QC office)
Phone:  309-298-1938 (Macomb office)

College of Education & Human Services
Kim Moreno

Kim Moreno

  • Elementary Education
  • Law Enforcement & Justice Administration
  • Recreation, Park & Tourism Administration

Phone:  KM-Moreno@wiu.edu
Email:  309-762-3999 ext. 62325

College of Arts & Sciences
Kenny Wheeler

Kenny Wheeler

  • English
  • General Studies
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Freshman

Email:  KW-Wheeler@wiu.edu
Phone:  309-762-3999 ext. 62327