Provost & Academic Vice President

IBHE Application for New Degree Program In-Region

Links to the Illinois Board of Higher Education application to offer a new degree program within the Western Educational Region are provided below. The application consists of five parts, which are formatted in either Word or Excel. The individual(s) completing the application should:

  1. Complete all five parts of the application.
  2. Provide all of the information requested as concisely as possible.
  3. Enter information only in the appropriate response areas, which are generally marked “[TYPE YOUR ANSWER HERE].”
  4. Submit the completed application to the Office of the Provost through the College Dean.

PART I – Items 1-6

PART II – Items 7-13

PART III – Item 14

PART IV – Three Tables (Student Enrollment Projections, Estimated Costs and Sources of Funds, Expenditures of New State Appropriations)

PART V – Items 15-17

IBHE Application for Degree Program Out-of-Region

IBHE Application for Administrative, Research or Public Service Unit