Letter from the Provost

Provost and Academic Vice President Jack Thomas

Dr. Jack Thomas, Provost and Academic Vice President

The Western Illinois University strategic plan Higher Values in Higher Education 2008-2018 provides a long-term vision for the University and a framework for academic departments and administrative units to establish priorities and allocate resources. The University identifies its priorities and resource requirements through the Consolidated Annual Report process.

Academic Affairs initiated its consolidated planning process early in Spring 2010. At that time, departments, colleges, the library, and other academic units prepared and submitted their written consolidated annual reports. Deans and directors subsequently presented their consolidated annual reports wherein they discussed accomplishments, goals, plans for new programs, and budget requests. In my April 29, 2010 consolidated annual presentation to the University community, Academic Affairs accomplishments were highlighted and goals and objectives were presented in five important areas:

I am happy to report that during the 2009-2010 academic year, the Academic Affairs division made much progress toward meeting its goals. This web document highlights the significant accomplishments made and introduces our future goals.

I want to thank President Al Goldfarb for his support of Academic Affairs goals. Even in a difficult budget year, President Goldfarb provided the resources needed to advance many of our goals. I also want to thank the faculty, staff, and students for their commitment to academic excellence. Because of the contributions of these individuals, Academic Affairs is able to build upon strengths and take advantage of opportunities.

Western Illinois University is well on its way to becoming the leader in educational quality, opportunity, and affordability among its peers. I am confident that our excellent faculty and staff will achieve academic prominence and continue to work to make Western Illinois University’s exciting vision a reality.

Jack Thomas, Ph.D.
Provost and Academic Vice President