Library Leadership Board

The Library Leadership Board, comprised of eight volunteers, was established to raise awareness for University Libraries and to assist in raising funds to continue to Libraries' commitment to academic excellence at WIU and the region.

Board members have been instrumental in launching the Library Atrium Society, which is the annual giving society for University Libraries. In addition, they have assisted in both funding the Graham Scholarship and selecting the Graham Scholarship recipients. Each board member has been involved with development activities within University Libraries.

Each member of the Library Leadership Board brings a unique perspective and experiences to the group. All of the members share a love for learning and libraries and a commitment to furthering the mission of University Libraries. University Libraries is very pleased to have such a qualified and dedicated group of volunteers to assist us in our development efforts!

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, April 29, 2015 
Malpass Library, Western Illinois University
Macomb, Illinois

2014-2015 Library Leadership Board Members

  • George Baughman '60 MS-ED '67
  • Thomas Dunstan
  • Angie Ferree
  • John Hallwas '67 MA '68
  • Jim Lucie '65
  • Kent Slater
  • Cynthia Struthers