Computer-Mediated Communication Minor


The Department of Communication offers a minor in Computer-Mediated Communication that is available to students at both the Quad Cities and Macomb campuses. All of the core communication courses are available online, and other courses needed to complete the minor are regularly available online and/or are occasionally offered in a traditional classroom setting at either campus.

The CMC minor seeks to produce students who have a solid grounding in the processes, implications and effects of computer-mediated communication and social media on human relationships. The minor will focus on understanding the communication processes behind social network platforms, websites, and other online communication mediums. In addition, students will pursue coursework that will impart a basic level of computer and/or computing design skills. A basic level of computer skill will be important for graduating students who market themselves as being knowledgeable in CMC. Students who complete the CMC minor should develop a theoretical knowledge of how computer mediated communication processes work as well as develop individual skill sets to apply this information in their future careers.

What are the requirements for a minor in Computer-Mediated Communication?

Students minoring in CMC will need to complete a total of 18 semester hours (SH) that include the following:

  • Required Courses:
    • COMM 130 – Introduction to Human Communication (3)
    • COMM 345 – Computer-Mediated Communication (3)
    • COMM 445 - Advanced Computer-Mediated Communication (3)

  • Choose ONE of the following:
    • CS 101– Introduction to Computers I (3)
    • GCOM 218 – Interactive Media Productions (3)

  • Choose TWO of the following:
    • CS 315 - E-Commerce Technology (3)
    • CS 320 - Ethical, Social and Legal Issues in the Digital World (3)
    • CS 483 - Microcomputer Systems with Database Applications
    • IS 324 - Network and Data Communication Concepts (3)
    • IS 325 - Global Social Networks (3)
    • GCOM 318 - Graphic Presentations (3)
    • GCOM 419 - Online Publishing (3)
    • ENG 480 - Computers and Writing (3)
    • BC 419 - Online Writing, Design, and Production (3)

Who should I contact about the minor in Computer-Mediated Communication?

For more information about the Computer-Mediated Communication minor please contact the Communication Academic Advisor, Jennifer Grimm, at 309/298-1938, or email her at