Sport & Exercise Psychology

How can a place kicker miss the go-ahead field goal? Why do some individuals struggle to start or adhere to an exercise program? How do Olympic athletes develop the concentration, confidence, control, and commitment to perform consistently at the world class level? If you are looking to learn more about the agony of defeat, joy of winning, being in the zone, or honing your competitive edge, then you have found the perfect track.  By combining a love of sport with an interest in psychology, students learn performance enhancement techniques and put them to work guiding real-life performers on and off the court or in and out of the exercise studio.  Coursework in this track includes:

  • KIN 559 Sport Psychology (3)
  • KIN 569 Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology (3)
  • KIN 568 Social Psychology of Sport and Exercise (3)
  • KIN 567 Exercise Psychology (3)







Brophy Hall Classroom