Other Graduate Assistantship Opportunities at WIU

Graduate students majoring in Kinesiology and Sport Management often receive graduate assistantships through other offices on campus.  Most recently, students in our programs have been awarded graduate assistantships in..  

  • WIU Athletics - Assistant Coach 
    (contact the appropriate head coach)
  • WIU Athletics - Strength and Conditioning Coach
    (contact Director of Strength & Conditioning)
  • WIU Athletics - Media Support
    (contact Director of Athletics Media Services)
  • WIU Athletics - Marketing and Promotions
    (contact Director of Marketing/Assistant Director of Development)
  • WIU Athletics - Facilities and Event Management
    (contact Associate Athletics Director)
  • WIU Athletics - Athletic Trainer 
    (contact Head Athletic Trainer)
  • WIU Athletics - Academic Support Services
    (contact Director of Academic Services/CHAMP Life Skills)
  • Campus Recreation
    (contact the appropriate director)
  • Athletic Trainer at Macomb High School
    (contact Department of Kinesiology at WIU)
  • Athletic Trainer at Knox College
    (contact the head athletic trainer at Knox College)
  • GA in the Office of Student Development and Orientation
    (contact Director of Student Development and Orientation)
  • GA in the Center for Teacher Education (2 positions)
    (contact Coordinator of Clinical and Field Supervision)
  • WIU Equal Opportunity and Access Internship Program
    contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access, Sherman Hall 203, (309) 298-1977)
  • WIU America Reads Program
    (Contact Director Reading Center)

If you are interested in applying for one of these assistantships, you will need to contact the appropriate office for more information.

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Student Spotlight

Adam Schneberger '2011
WIU Athletics Marketing and Promotions Graduate Assistant