Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the deadline for submitting my application to the Kinesiology Graduate Program?

A: Applications are continuously accepted and reviewed throughout the year.  Therefore, you can apply to the program anytime during the year, however, if you wish to be considered for a graduate assistantship, you must have your application materials completed by March (for an assistantship that begins in the Fall Semester) or in October (for an assistantship that begins in the Spring Semester).  If you are an international student, there may be some specific timelines for you to adhere to in order to obtain your Visa.  Please refer to the International Studies Office Website for specific information about international admissions.

Q: Who will be my adviser so that I know what courses to take?

A:   After you are accepted into the program, a faculty adviser will be assigned to help you select your coursework.  In addition, your adviser will serve as your mentor. If you have questions before you actually apply to the program, here are some links to more information:

Q:  What kind of undergraduate GPA must I have in order to be admitted into the Kinesiology program?

A:   Please refer to the admissions criteria for the Kinesiology Graduate program.

Q:  Do I need to take the GRE in order to be admitted?

A: If your undergraduate GPA is less than 2.75, yes, a GRE score is required in order to be admitted into the program.  If your undergraduate GPA is higher than a 2.75, completion of the GRE is optional.

Q: What format does the letter of recommendation need to follow?

A:  The department does not have any specific format requirements for the letters of recommendation. During the admissions process, we evaluate not only your undergraduate GPA, but also your educational background, professional experiences, and potential for completion of graduate level coursework.  Letters of recommendation should be sent to the Office of Graduate Studies at the time of application.

Q: According to your website, a Bachelor's degree in a field related to Kinesiology is required for admission into your M.S. in Kinesiology program, or up to 6 prerequisite courses must be completed for either concentration. Do you admit students to your program with undergraduate degrees in other areas and allow them to take leveling prerequisites while enrolled in the Master's (on conditional or provisional admission)? Or must the student take the prerequisites before an application is even considered?

A:  Yes, we do accept students who do not have undergraduate degrees in Kinesiology or a related field (e.g. physical education, exercise science, athletic training, etc.). And, yes, you can enroll in a combination of prerequisite courses (e.g. Anatomy & Physiology, Exercise Physiology, etc.) and graduate courses during your first semester in the program.  The only requirement is that you must complete ALL prerequisite courses within the first 3 semesters of your graduate program.  Your adviser will work with you in developing your individual degree plan which will guide you in the selection and sequencing of your courses.

Q: I am from outside the United States and am interested in M.S program in Kinesiology at your university.  What is the date of intake?

A: Applications are continuously accepted, however, there may be some specific timelines for international students. Be sure to contact the International Studies Office for more specific details.

Q:  I am currently a junior at another University and am completing my undergraduate degree in Sport and Recreation Management with a minor in Psychology. After taking a course in Sport Psychology, I am now interested in continuing my studies in Sport Psychology at the graduate level.  Is there anything that I need to do to enhance my chances of being admitted into the Graduate Program at WIU?

A: Because your undergraduate degree will be in Sport and Recreation Management you may have to complete additional coursework at the undergraduate level in order to satisfy the prerequisites for some of our graduate courses. All graduate students in the Kinesiology program must complete at least 4 of the following 5 undergraduate courses: Anatomy and Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Motor Learning, Biomechanics and Sport & Exercise Psychology. Prior to coming to WIU, I would encourage you to include these courses as part of your undergraduate education. Please know that completion of these courses is not a requirement for admission into the program.  You can be admitted without taking these courses, but since successful completion of these courses will be required in order for you to graduate from our program, you will need to include these as an 'additional extra credits' toward your graduate degree.

Q:  Can the graduate program in Kinesiology be completed by enrolling solely in evening and/or online courses?

A:  We do offer some of our courses online and in the evening, however, there are still some required courses offered during the day only. 

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