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McGuire, Kathy Ph.Ddrmcguire

Assistant Professor
109 Waggoner Hall
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Additional Information


Dr. McGuire earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wyoming and her Masters and Doctorate from the University of Toledo. Dr. McGuire’s dissertation title was “Examining Child Abuse Disclosure Patterns: A Retrospective Approach to Estimating Denial and Recantation Rates”


Dr. McGuire currently teaches courses in Forensic Psychology, Introduction to Psychology, Child Development, Statistical Methods.

Research Interests:

Dr. McGuire's research is concentrated in forensic psychology with the goal of providing empirical evidence to support the best policy and practice regarding children in the legal system. Her interests include, children as eyewitnesses, memory and conformity among eyewitnesses, juror perception of children and adolescents, the legal relevance of medical evaluations in child abuse cases, and expert witness testimony.

Recent scholarly activities: 

McGuire, K., & London K. (2012). Factorial ANOVA. In G.M. Breakwell, D.B. Wright, and J.A. Smith (Eds), Research Methods in Psychology (4th Ed.). London, UK: Sage Publications.

McGuire, K., London, K., & Wright, D.B. (2011). Peer influence on event reports among adolescents and young adults. Memory, 19, 674-683.