Department of Psychology

Advising Information


Advisor, Kitty Miller.Welcome to Psychology Advising. My name is Kitty Miller and I will be your academic advisor for the time you are studying at WIU. When you get settled on campus I hope you take the time to come by and meet me at your first opportunity. Perhaps we were lucky enough to have met or talked before now; if not, this web site will help to get us acquainted.

You have chosen Psychology as your major. Most students will find this area a fascinating challenge while others may decide it's just not for them after all. Your choice of major may not be final. As your academic advisor, you and I will continue to evaluate this choice as you continue to take Psychology classes. Ultimately, decisions involving classes, majors and minors are yours to make. However, I will actively seek to advise you about the requirements which are needed to satisfy completion of a B.S. in Psychology. Please study these requirements so we both know which areas you could concentrate on and which electives are options for you. The specific decisions along the way, especially the courses you'll take each semester, are in your hands. I will point out alternatives and we will discuss the likely consequences of each path. We may write down these class alternatives and their consequences so they are clear to both of us. Again, I will respect your right to choose your own educational path.

Our Goal: Helping You Be Successful

Hopefully, you will never have to face extracurricular obstacles like problems with family, work, or your social circle. I respect your right to privacy but I do want you to know that you can approach me, as I will be willing to listen if you want to tell me. If you do, it may allow me to give you useful suggestions or refer you to more knowledgeable people. We can discuss issues you are facing, academic or extracurricular, it's up to you.

Sometimes you may drop in with a question when I am in the middle of another task or talking with someone. If I ask you to come back later, please don't think that talking to you is less important. It's just that I have to take one thing at a time and try to finish it before moving on to the next task. In that spirit, I will make sure that when I am meeting with you, I don't allow any interruptions.

On occasion I may send you to other people or places to get the information you need--not because I don't want to take the time, but because I don't know everything. Instead of misinforming you, I'd rather refer you to people with the right expertise.

Advising is a Team Effort

For our pre-registration time, it will be your responsibility to schedule a time for us to meet by following the instructions for "How to Make an Appointment to Meet with your Advisor using the University Calendaring System" using Google Calendar. We will need to meet each semester to discuss the next semester's classes and to remove the "Advisor Encumberance" or advisor hold so you can register on your assigned date and time. My office is in Waggoner Hall #154.

It is crucial we begin pre-registration advising well in advance of the actual registration dates. Please do stop by your first few days on campus. I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you towards your future goal of graduation.

Your advisor,

Kitty Miller
Waggoner 154


Note: The directions for making an appointment are in Acrobat PDF format. Download Acrobat Reader. If you need assistance with this form, or need to access it in an alternative format, please contact us at 309/298-1538.