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Curtis Dunkel , Ph.D.

158 Waggoner Hall
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Rock Valley Community College, Augustana College, Western Illinois University, University of Nebraska- Ph.D. Dissertation: “The Role of Identity in the Encoding and Retrieval of Trait Adjectives.”


Psy 100, Psy 221, and Psy 520


Developmental Psychology- Evolutionary Developmental Psychology with a focus on personality and psychosocial development.

Recent Scholarly Activities:

Dunkel, C.S., Kim, J.K., & Papini, D.R. (2012). The general factor of psychosocial development and its relation to the general factor of personality and life history strategy. Personality and Individual Differences, 52, 202-206.

Dunkel, C.S., & Mathes, E. (2011). The effect of individual differences and manipulated life expectancies on the willingness to engage in sexual coercion. Evolutionary Psychology, 9, 588-599.