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Report for Safety, Equity, or Student Concerns

The safety, equity, and integrity of our campus community is a shared responsibility of everyone connected to Western Illinois University. We encourage our community to access the support of our committed faculty and staff by reporting concerns to the University. To share an incident, see the links below to get more information, contacts, and reporting forms. 

Emergency or Crime

If you are reporting an emergency, dial (309) 298-1949 on-campus or 911 locally.

Western Illinois University's Office of Public Safety (OPS) ensures the safety and security of students, faculty, staff and campus visitors, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. OPS works with others across the WIU campus, and within the local community, to provide a safe environment and to ensure a campus that is pleasant and secure. To report a crime or safety concern, please contact OPS via phone. 
Learn more about the Office of Public Safety.

Gender Violence / Sexual Assault 

Reports or complaints of gender violence or sexual assault are handled by the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access and the Title IX Coordinator.
Learn more about the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access.

General Student Concern and Care Report

The Leatherneck Care Referral program offers an easy-to-use tool to share nonemergency-related concerns about student behaviors and potential barriers to success.
Learn more about the Leatherneck Care Referral program.

Bias, Harassment, & Discrimination

Reports or complaints of harassment or discrimination should be made to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access. 
Learn more about the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access.

Student Complaint Form

Reports or complaints from graduate and undergraduate students who have a complaint regarding faculty conduct in the classroom or other formal academic settings should use this form. 

Code of Conduct Violations

Reports of incidents or concerns (not covered above) that may violate the Western Illinois University Code of Student Conduct are handled by the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. 
Learn more about the Code of Student Conduct. 


Reports of complaints related to hazing, experienced or witnessed, are handled by the Office of Student Engagement, Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, and/or the Office of Public Safety. 
Learn more about hazing prevention