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Approval Date: 10/15/12
Approved By: President

Policy on Logo & Trademark Usage

To provide a uniform and consistent image for Western Illinois University, individual logos or seals may not be used by schools, departments, or other academic and administrative units of the University. These procedures have been established to ensure that the Western Illinois University logos, wordmarks and trademarks are used appropriately and are used as the official logo(s) for all University departments and divisions (with the exception of student organizations and/or limited-use special events).

The logos to be used for all schools, colleges, departments, offices, centers, institutes, programs and other units of the University are the Western Illinois University bell tower logo and the Western Illinois (Rocky) sweep (minus the wordmark "Leathernecks). WIU-Quad Cities campus departments, etc. may use the WIU-QC Riverfront logo. The logos are not to be used in any way that does not conform to the visual identity standards set by the University. Logos are not to be altered in any way.

The bell tower logo must appear on all official University stationery, business cards and envelopes. However, it may also be used on departmental apparel and other items (e.g. pens, coffee mugs, mouse pads, etc.).

The Western Illinois Rocky sweep may be used for departmental apparel and other items (pens, mugs, hats, etc.). The Western Illinois Rocky sweep or the bell tower may also be used for publications and other University print material.

Departments and divisions wishing to create a department logo may use only the bell tower or Western Illinois Rocky Head sweep (or WIU-QC Riverfront logo) with the department/division name. All logos must be approved by University Marketing prior to printing/production.

Shirt w/ Belltower Logo Shirt w/ sweep logo Shirt w/ riverfront logo

mug w/ sweep logo water bottle w/ tower logo

For website and other Internet/social media sites, departments, etc. may use one of the following templates (if using the Western Illinois Sweep, the Sherman bell tower or the QC Riverfront logo, the Western Illinois University text at the top may be omitted if desired):

department logo w/ rocky department logo w/ belltower department logo w/ sweep department logo w/ riverfront department logo w/ belltower (alternate)

The branding tagline, Think Purple ... Think Western, may be individualized to suit a department's needs. For example, Think Purple ... Think Home ... Think Western for University Housing and Dining Services.

Western Illinois University departments and organizations must adhere to logo usage policies and guidelines. Complete logo usage guidelines are available at (updates forthcoming). Permission for logo, trademark, and wordmark usage, is administered and granted through University Marketing.

Any WIU trademark (logos: bell tower, Western Illinois sweep, Rocky logo, and/or wordmarks: Western Illinois University, Leathernecks, WIU) appearing on apparel, hats, coffee mugs, pens, etc. must be produced by a vendor licensed through Western's licensing partner, Licensing Resource Group (LRG). For more information on ordering licensed WIU products to promote your organization, department, or event, call 298-1861 or email Approval for the use of WIU trademarks will not be granted to vendors not licensed through LRG.