Administrative Services


Dates for 2016 Training
10/3/2016 - 11/2/2016

As an employee of Western Illinois University, you must take part in the Mandatory Governmental Ethics Online Training (State Officials and Employees Ethics Act).

Training Location

Please go to:

User ID Information

  • First name + middle initial + last name+2-digit month +2-digit day of birth
    • Example: John Q. Public was born on June 5th, User ID would be: johnqpublic0605
    • NOTE: The log on information was generated from the payroll list, so if you do not use your middle initial, it may not be included in your log on ID. Please try to log on without middle initial before calling the Ethics Training Administrator.
  • Default Password
    • ethics#123 (you must include the # sign)
    • You will be asked to create a new password. Please choose one you will remember.

If you have questions regarding the online training, please contact: Danette Phelps, Ethics Training Administrator at 309-298-1800

Any student, faculty, or staff member who believes they have witnessed a violation of the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act should report the violation immediately to:

Rica Calhoun
Ethics Officer/Legal Counsel
Phone: 309-298-3070

Office of Executive Inspector General for the Agencies of the Illinois Governor
Illinois Building - 607 East Adams Street
14th Floor
Springfield, Illinois 62701
Phone: (217) 558-5600
Fax: (217) 782-1605
Office of Executive Inspector General