Administrative Services

The Guidelines

Scholarship Awards to the Dependents of Civil Service Employees

  1. Up to nine scholarships will be awarded to dependents of Civil Service employees each year. These scholarships are $1,000 each and are not renewable. Each scholarship will be awarded by applying the appropriate amount to the recipient’s account in the Billing and Receivables Office for the applicable semester.
  2. Each scholarship is to be awarded to a full-time undergraduate student who has been accepted to Western for Fall Semester, Spring Semester, or Summer Session.
  3. A student, to be eligible for the scholarship, must be a dependent of a Civil Service employee at Western who holds a permanent status position. A dependent who is also a Civil Service employee in a permanent status position is not eligible.

    The term dependent shall mean the lawful spouse to the employee and the child or children of the employee who meet(s) one of the following criteria:
      • Financially dependent upon the employee for support and normally resides in the household of the employee
      • Qualify as a dependent as defined by the Internal Revenue Service. The term child shall also include adopted children, stepchildren, and other children dependent upon the employee for support and/or domiciled with the employee in a parent/child relationship.
        Exceptions to this policy may be made only by unanimous decision of the Civil Service Award Selection Committee members.
  4. Individuals may receive the scholarship only once and may not reapply in future years.
  5. Selection criteria include dependability, leadership, motivation, community service, and work experience.
  6. The selection of the scholarships will be made by the Civil Service Award Selection Committee (separate from the Civil Service Award Fund Committee). No Civil Service representative shall serve on the Selection Committee when a first degree relative has applied for the scholarship.
  7. The committee’s decisions are final.

Book Award to Civil Service Employees

  1. At a maximum, 15 book awards of $100 will be given to Civil Service employees each year. Each award will be made payable directly to the employee.
  2. Each award is to go to a Civil Service employee who is currently enrolled in a course or courses at Western. (Five $100 awards will be offered each term.)
  3. An employee, to be eligible for this award, must be a Civil Service employee at Western who holds a permanent status position.
  4. Employees may receive this award only once.
  5. Recipients of the book awards will be chosen by a random drawing of all “Request to Enroll in University Classes” forms.
  6. The committee’s selections are final.