Administrative Services

New Employees


  • Cullen, Lissa A.,  Financial Aid Adviser, Financial Aid, 8/21/17
  • Deener, Jennifer N.,  Clerk, Biological Sciences, 8/24/17
  • Fox, Daynah L.,  Account Technician I, Business Services, 8/7/17
  • Lewis, Cheri,  Office Support Specialist, WIU Quad Cities-Student Services, 8/28/17
  • McCormick, Tammie J.,  Chief Clerk, Mathematics, 8/21/17
  • Parks, Brennan P ., Applications Programmer I, Administrative Information Management Systems, 8/7/17
  • Steele, Michelle D.,  Child Development Associate, Infant & Preschool Center, 8/10/17.
  • Yeast, Judy A.,  Clerk, Curriculum and Instruction, 8/10/17.


  • McRaven, S. A.,  Program Coordinator, UU Vice President for Student Services, 9/1/17. Former Name: S.A. Green.


  • Barlis, Francis Raymond E.,  Information Technology Technical Associate, 8/13/17
  • Pollmeier, Jeanine C.,  Admissions/Records Supervisor, Admissions, 8/8/17.


  • Louden, Angie N., Office Support Specialist, Centennial Honors College promoted to Business Manager I, Athletics, 8/14/17
  • Payne, Sara J.,  Administrative Clerk, Provost & Academic Vice President promoted to Administrative Aide, President’s Office,  9/12/17


  • Bainter, Megan M ., Financial Aid Adviser Manager, Financial Aid, 7/31/17. Accepted an A&P position on Campus..
  • Fultz, Margaritta M.,  Administrative Aide, WIU Quad Cities-Administration, 8/31/17.
  • Georges, Justin O.,  Web Specialist III, Libraries, 8/21/17. Accepted an A&P position on Campus.
  • Klinger, Samantha J ., Medical Technologist I, Beu Health Center, 8/17/17. Accepted an A&P position on Campus.
  • Mattson, Wendi K.,  Office Manager, Theatre & Dance, 8/31/17.

Civil Service Employee of the Month for September 2017

Dawna Zimmerman, Civil Service Employee of the Month for September 2017

Dawna Zimmerman
Procurement Officer Specialist
Purchasing Office