Administrative Services

New Employees

  • Conner, Shanna S., Nurse Practitioner, Beu Health Center, 1/9/17.

  • English, Timothy M., Admissions/Records Representative, Admissions, 12/19/16.

  • James, Ashley M., Office Support Associate, Provost, 12/15/16.
    Reassigned to Office Support Associate, Computer Sciences, 12/19/16.

  • Seaver, Matthew R., Police Office, Public Safety, 1/3/17.

  • Townsend, Paula, Financial Aid Adviser, Financial Aid, 1/10/17.

  • Trusley, Beverly K., Clerk, Curriculum and Instruction, 1/5/17.


  • Ausbury, Heidi L., Office Support Specialist, Career Development
    Center promoted to Financial Aid Adviser, Financial Aid, 1/23/17 .

  • Carrigan, Amy R., Office Support Specialist, Biology transferred to Office Support Specialist, Communication Sciences and Disorders, 1/12/17.

  • Franklin, Zachary S., Police Officer, Public Safety promoted to Police Corporal, Public Safety, 1/17/17.

  • Moore, Jeffery M., Bookstore Supervisor, UU Bookstore promoted to Bookstore Manager, UU Bookstore, 1/1/17.

  • Paul, Sheila L., Chief Clerk, UU Bookstore transferring to Chief
    Clerk, Development Office, 1/26/17 .


  • Ebert, Noelle R., Senior Library Specialist, WIUQC Library, 1/16/17.

  • Knight, Angela L., Office Manager, Health Sciences and Social Work, 1/16/17.

  • Wall, Gerald W., Sports Equipment Supervisor, Kinesiology, 1/16/17.

  • Wall, Katherine G., Account Technician II, Development Office, 1/20/17 .

  • Wilson, Joani M., Admissions/Records Supervisor, Distance Education Support, 1/2/17. Accepted A&P position on campus.


  • Danner, Marlin E., Communications Network Specialist II,
    Telecommunications Services, 12/31/16.

  • Mutch, Don R., Environmental Health & Safety Technician II,
    Facilities, Planning & Construction, 12/31/16.

  • Norton, G.L., Admissions/Records Specialist I, Registrar, 12/31/16.

  • Royer, Clarene M., Client Relations Representative II, Scholarship
    Office, 12/31/16.

  • Thomas, Sara K., Bookstore Manager, UU Bookstore, 12/31/16.

Civil Service Employee of the Month for February 2017

Andrea Francis, Civil Service Employee of the Month for February 2017

Andrea Francis
Senior Library Specialist
University Libraries