Administrative Services

 New Employees

  • Behymer, Amanda B., Chief Clerk, Distance Education Support, 6/6/18.
  • Bozard, Emily A., Office Support Specialist, Sponsored Projects, 5/16/18.
  • Colston, Brian J., Pipefitter, Facilities Management – Building Mechanical Maintenance, 6/4/18.
  • Fischer, Erin M., Account Technician II, Billing & Receivables, 5/14/18.
  • Mapes, Krystal, Medical Office Coordinator, Beu Health Center, 6/4/18.
  • Miller, Emily L., Financial Aid Adviser, Financial Aid, 6/14/18.
  • Sears, Megan L., Human Resource Representative, Human Resources, 5/21/18.
  • Suter, Caitlin M., Financial Aid Adviser, Financial Aid, 6/13/18.
  • Vawter, Jerry J., Brickman, Facilities Management-Building Maintenance, 5/21/18.
  • Wallace, Cassandra L., Admissions/Records Officer, Admissions, 5/14/18.



  • Breedlove, Rafe M., Steam and Power Plant IV, Facilities Management promoted to Superintendent of Building Maintenance, Facilities Management-Building Mechanical Maintenance, 5/21/18.
  • Ford, Julie A., Office Support Specialist, College of Education & Human Services promoted to Administrative Clerk, College of Education & Human Services, 6/18/18.
  • Louden, Angie N., Business Manager I, Athletics transferred to Staff Clerk, Veteran’s Resource Center, 6/18/18.
  • Turke, Lisa A., Office Manager, Educational Studies transferred to Office Manager, College of Education and Human Services, 6/18/18.
  • Utter, Richard A., Carpenter, Facilities Management-Building Maintenance promoted to Carpenter Foreman, Facilities Management-Building Maintenance, 5/14/18.


  • Shrader, Gerald H., Pharmacy Supervisor, Beu Health Center, 5/11/18.


  • Hannen, Julie, Library Operations Associate, Libraries, 6/30/18.
  • Parry, Merrie J., Administrative Clerk, College of Business & Technology, 6/30/18.
  • Patridge, Ann L,. Senior Library Specialist, Libraries, 5/31/18.
  • Schaill, Christine A., Procurement Officer, Purchasing Office, 6/30/18.
  • Scott, Elwanda A., Staff Clerk, Financial Aid, 6/30/18.
  • Still, Nancy D., Office Manager, College of Education & Human Services, 6/30/18.
  • Wade, Linda A., Library Operations Associate, 6/30/18.

Civil Service Employee of the Month for July 2018

Jennifer Scott, Civil Service Employee of the Month for July 2018

Jennifer Scott
Grants and Contracts Associate II
Office of Sponsored Projects