Administrative Services

New Employees

  • Bourell, Mary M., Office Support Specialist, Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising and Hospitality, 3/13/17.

  • Dowers, Brandi A., Accountant I, Accounting Office, 3/6/17.

  • Hinderliter, Chad M., Plumber, Building Mechanical Maintenance, 2/1/17.

  • Pate, Brittany N., Library Specialist, WIU QC Libraries, 3/22/17.

  • Schertz, Orville C., Safety Officer I, Facilities Management Planning & Construction, 2/27/17.

  • Singh, Parampal, Sports Equipment Supervisor, Kinesiology, 2/6/17.

  • Wesley, Kristen L., Building Service Worker, WIU QC Operations & Maintenance, 3/10/17.


  • Barr, Bethany I., Admissions/Records Representative, Registrar promoted to Admissions/Records Officer, Distance Education Support, 3/13/17.

  • Curry, Kathryn A., Office Support Associate, Management and Marketing promoted to Office Support Specialist, Career Development Center, 3/6/17.

  • Ebey, Rebecca L., Human Resource Assistant Manager, Human Resources transferring to Academic Contract Specialist, Provost & Academic Vice President, 3/23/17.

  • McCabe, James H., Electrician, Building Maintenance promoted to Temperature Control Mechanic, Building Mechanical Maintenance, 2/13/17.

  • Oliver, Carla J., Office Manager, Athletics promoted to Client Relations Representative II, Scholarship Office, 2/14/17.

Name Changes

  • Greuel, I. Charlene, Office Administrator, Admissions, 2/20/17. Former Name: Charlene Hammond.

  • Hendrickson, Pam K., Administrative Assistant, Financial Aid, 3/10/17. Former Name: Pam Griswold.

  • Twidwell, Sarah K., Digital Imaging Specialist II, Visual Production Center, 2/20/17. Former Name: Sarah Ritter.

  • Williams, Kevin J., Night Supervisor of University Union, UU Administrative, 2/21/17. Former Name: Kevin Roberts.


  • Brabham, Shlomo J., Building Service Worker, Building Services,  3/13/17.

  • Coupland, Dale L., Building Service Worker, Building Services, 2/16/17.

  • Finley, Paul G., Communications Network Specialist III, QC Technological Services, 2/1/17.

  • Monson, Christina S., Office Manager, WIU QC Engineering, 3/13/17.


  • Coleman, Joseph R., Building Service Worker, Building Services, 2/28/17.

  • Lawyer, Beverly A., Human Resource Assistant Manager, Human Resources, 2/28/17.

Civil Service Employee of the Month for March 2017

Angie Louden, Civil Service Employee of the Month for March 2017

Angie Louden
Centennial Honors College
Office Support Specialist