Administrative Services

New Employees


  • Highland, Danielle L.,  Office Support Specialist, WIU QC – Business and Technology, 6/21/17.
  • Huston, Mariah A.,  Chief Clerk, Engineering Technology, 6/19/17.
  • Riddle-Foster, Michelle R ., Human Resources Associate, Human Resources, 7/3/17.




  • Biswell, Candice L.,  Office Support Specialist, Mathematics promoted to Office Manager, College of Business & Technology,  7/24/17 .
  • Edwards, Deborah A.,  Chief Clerk, Center for International Studies promoted to Staff Clerk, Graduate Studies, 7/3/17.  
  • Icenogle, Georgia K.,  Account Technician I, Business Services promoted to Account Technician II, Development Office, 7/10/17.
  • Meredith, Tracy J., Staff Clerk, Sponsored Projects promoted to Grants and Contracts Associate, Sponsored Projects, 6/5/17.
  • Thompson, Sharon K.,  Office Manager, College of Business & Technology promoted to Office Administrator, Distance Education Support, 5/22/17.


  • Carson, Thomas J.,  Radio/Television Producer/Announce I, Educational/Public Service Radio, 6/23/17.
  • Courter, Ian J.,  Office Support Specialist, Health Sciences and Social Work, 6/23/17.
  • Henley, Elizabeth M.,  Police Officer, Public Safety, 7/10/17.
  • McCullough, Paul D.,  Building Service Worker, Building Services, 6/20/17.
  • Nelson, Deborah A.,  Building Service Worker, Building Services, 6/15/17.
  • Rhodes, Paula J.,  Administrative Aide, President’s Office, 7/14/17.


  • Baker, Boyd M.,  Data Processing Technician Supervisor, University Technology, 6/30/17.
  • Dodson, Connie L ., Administrative Clerk, Graduate Studies, 6/30/17.
  • Eckerly, Judith D ., Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Alumni, 6/30/17.
  • Martin, Mary G.,  Information Technology Support Associate, University Technology, 6/30/17.
  • Vyhnanek Jr., Edward,  Building Service Foreman, Building Services, 5/31/17

Civil Service Employee of the Month for July 2017

Danette Phelps, Civil Service Employee of the Month for July 2017

Danette Phelps
Administrative Aide
Vice President for Administrative Services Office