Administrative Services



  • Derry, Justin M., Retail Supervisor, UU Bookstore,  10/1/18


  • Detrick, Alyssa L., Office Support Associate, Admissions,  10/1/18 .


  • Flynn, Matthew D., Parking Services Agent I/Assistant, Parking Operations,  10/1/18 .


  • Lawson, Katherine M., Library Specialist, Libraries, 9/10/18.


  • Shannon, Mandy J., Office Support Associate, Admissions,  10/1/18 .




  • Gibson, Cathleen R., Office Support Associate, WIU QC-Academic Affairs promoted to Chief Clerk, WIU Quad Cities - WQPT, 9/10/18.


  • McFadden, Melinda A., Human Resources Representative, Human Resources promoted to Administrative Aide, President’s Office, 9/10/18.




  • Hott, Michael A., Architectural Superintendent, Facilities Planning & Construction, 9/12/18.




  • Brown, Susie O., Financial Aid Adviser Manager, Financial Aid, 9/30/18.


  • Cox, Janet M., Payroll Manager, Payroll,  10/15/18 .


  • Hunt, Stacie M., IT Manager, University Technology, 8/31/18. Accepted an A&P position on campus.


  • Skien, Krista E., Admissions/Records Supervisor, Center for International Studies, 9/30/18. Accepted A&P position on campus.


  • Weiss, Charity J., Library Specialist, Libraries, 9/21/18.




  • Becker, Charles E., Assistant Grounds Gardener, Landscape Maintenance, 6/30/18.


  • Farr, Linda S., Human Resources Assistant Manager, Human Resources, 9/30/18.


  • Hinton, Thomas P., Building Service Foreman, Facilities Management, 9/30/18.


Civil Service Employee of the Month for November 2018

Eric Reed, Civil Service Employee of the Month for November 2018

Eric Reed
Superintendent of Grounds
Landscape Maintenance