Administrative Services


I.          Membership and Terms

The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Employee Advisory Committee member of the CSEC.

II.        Chairperson

            The CSEC President serves as chairperson.

III.       Meetings

            On an “as needed” basis.

IV.       Records

No formal minutes are required as the Executive Committee is not a standing committee.  Action taken by this committee will be reported at regularly scheduled Council meetings.

V.        Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Executive Committee including preparing the agenda for the full Council meeting, discussing and considering action on matters of Council business, acting on behalf of the Council in the appropriate situations, and meeting with the University President once each semester for the purpose of discussing Civil Service concerns.

Civil Service Employee of the Month for July 2019

Donna Williams, Civil Service Employee of the Month for July 2019

Donna Williams
Admissions/Records Supervisor
Registrar's Office