Multicultural Center

MCC Interns and Ambassadors


Heidi Olivos, Ambassador

Pronouns | She, Her, Hers

My name is Heidi Olivos and I am a Junior studying Biology-Zoology with a Spanish and Animal Science minor and in Pre-Vet. I am also President and Social Chair of Zoology Club and a sister of Alpha Psi Lambda National Inc. Alpha Iota Chapter. I am passionate about helping others (whether a person or an animal), and I enjoy meeting new people and trying new things. My goal for this year is to visit the farm on campus more often and to become more involved.

Whenever you feel crushed, under pressure, pressed, or in darkness, you are in a place of transformation. Trust the process. ;If it is hard, then it is worth doing

Olin Ortiz, Ambassador

Pronouns | He, Him, His

I am a Law Enforcement Major, with a Minor in Forensic Psychology. I am a current Cross Country/ T&F athlete for the University. I am also a brother of Alpha Psi Lambda National Inc. Alpha Iota Chapter. I am the proud father of Atlas Dorado Vortillaz (my Corgi puppy). I am what they call a Weeb, or otherwise known as a person who is very interested in Japense culture, specifically anime. My goals for this year are to run fast, and chase a bag!

No human is limited. -- Eliud Kipchoge

Photo of Yazmin Laserna

Yazmin Laserna Escobar, Ambassador

Pronouns | She, Her, Hers

I'm a senior Forensic Psychology Major with a minor in Criminalistics. I am very passionate about advocating for others, whether that be people or animals :)! I've worked at the MCC since 2019, and have loved every minute of it. If you ever need a safe space to de-stress or just hangout please come visit us!

My goal for this school year is to keep pushing through any obstacles that may come my way and continue growing as a person.

Don't let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace --Dalai Lama


Michelle Narvaez, Ambassador

Pronouns | She, Her, Hers

I grew up in a small town in New Mexico that was filled with murals and Chicano heritage so it’s not a mystery why I’m majoring in Graphic Design and Spanish. The core pillars of who I am were formed in that small mining town and that includes my love for nature and food! Although a part of me will always miss the green chile and the desert wilderness, I’m glad I’m able to expand my experiences here at WIU where I’m far away from rattlesnakes and tarantula hawk wasps (yes, those are real). My goal is to study abroad and strengthen my Spanish skills.

Don't be sad about your panza, give self love a lil chanza


Camron Kylan Anderson, Ambassador

Pronouns | He, Him, His

My name is Camron Kylan Anderson, I am a sophomore student majoring in business and marketing. I like to think of myself as an ambitious Individual who's constantly looking to progress and move forward. I'm always hungry to learn more.


Jada Wilson,Ambassador

Pronouns | She, Her, Hers

I am a senior majoring in Speech Pathology with a minor in Psychology. I am the President of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated Zeta Iota chapter and secretary of Elite Beauty Dance Organization. I am very passionate about helping and supporting others in any way possible.

If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.


Joanna Lee, Ambassador

Pronouns | She, Her, Hers

Majoring in Pre-Veterinary/Agricultural Science Minoring in Chemistry. I am from Chicago, IL. The MCC to me is a supportive safe place to me. I enjoy meeting new people, going to events, and being involved with getting to know students.

We are only given a certain amount of time to do what we were sent here to do. You don’t have to be around a long time to share the wisdom of a lifetime. You just have to use your time wisely, efficiently. There is no time to waste. - Mamie Till-Mobley