Multicultural Center


The MCC Welcomes the LGBT*QA Resource Center!

The Casa Latina Cultural Center, the Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center, and the Women's Center are excited to welcome the LGBT*QA Resource Center to the Multicultural Center! The transition plan begins in May 2019 with the expectation the LGBT*QA Resource Center will be fully operating in the MCC by August 2019.

The addition of the LGBT*QA Resource Center to the Multicultural Center could not come at a better time as August 2019 will mark the 10 th anniversary of the opening of the MCC. The central location on campus of the MCC allows the Casa Latina Cultural Center, the Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center, and the Women's Center unique opportunities to enhance their goals of providing educational, social, and cultural programs. Within and beyond these programs, the centers within the MCC provide resources that help focus the campus community's awareness and appreciation of racial, ethnic, and gender diversity. With the addition of the LGBT*QA Resource Center, the MCC will be able to highlight the space as one that intentionally promotes awareness and appreciation for the diversity of LGBT*QA+ identities.

The overall goal of the MCC is to be "inclusively inviting and intentionally recognizing." We welcome students of all social identities, and the addition of the LGBT*QA Resource Center amplifies our goal. We encourage students who connected to the LGBT*QA Resource Center to visit the MCC, meet the students and staff who call the MCC their home, and begin to make the MCC your home!

Statement on the violence in Charlottesville

In the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, we, the directors in the WIU Multicultural Center, which houses the Casa Latina Cultural Center, the Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center, and the Women's Center, believe it is important that the Multicultural Center stands in solidarity with those persons who promote inclusion and kindness and oppose hatred and racism.

As we engage in our unique personal journey of awareness and process our emotions regarding sociopolitical issues, it is imperative that students, faculty, staff, and other university stakeholders are aware that each of the Centers are safe spaces. As an institution of higher learning, we will remain committed to fostering a culture of freedom of speech and assembly. In fact, we support scholarly debate and discussion. However, we will not support violence, assaults, or other unruly behaviors. As advocates for all people, we will continue to be steadfast in supporting our students and all who may benefit from various resources that are available in the Multicultural Center. Through our work, we have a fiduciary responsibility to cultivate a safe and inclusive university community with an emphasis on social justice, cultural development, and mutual understanding of our differences and similarities.

Collectively, our identities transcend just our race, our gender, gender identity or gender expression, our sexual orientation, our ability, our socio-economic status, our religious affiliation, or any other status. We are many identities and all at once. Hate will not be welcome here, in any form, against any identity group. As we affirm our institutional core values of Academic Excellence, Educational Opportunity, Personal Growth and Social Responsibility, we stand ready to engage in the important work that is before us.

In Solidarity,

Rocio Ayard Ochoa, Director

Multicultural Center